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G. Chilton. It must have taken them all night to pick up all the girls, including ones in Stars Hollow. It must be five in the morning, at least. The Not Yet Puffs are all blindfolded. Francie stops them and says that they are invited to join the Puffs. They take off their blindfolds and find themselves standing in front of Headmaster Charleston's office. Rory starts asking what they're doing at Chilton, and Paris asks her to be quiet. Francie says what they're about to do and say will be a secret among the Puffs for the rest of their lives. She unlocks the headmaster's office and tells everyone to step inside. Everyone goes except Rory and Paris, and one other pouty girl ["played by Madeline Zima, formerly the cute little teeny girl on The Nanny" -- Wing Chun]. Rory says they shouldn't be in there. Paris says that they are making very important social contacts. Rory says she doesn't need social contacts and that she has friends. Paris drones about how wonderful it must be to be Rory all the time with the perfect life. She says maybe someday she'll stumble into a Disney movie and find herself transported into Rory's body where she'll end up learning the true beauty of herself, but until then she's going to go get Puffed. She walks into the headmaster's office. The pouty girl passes Rory. Rory walks inside.

H. Inside the office. They light a candle. Francie recites the Puff vow and holds her hand over some bell. Paris already knows all the words to the Puff vow, which ends with "and 'U' in between." I'll spare you the rest. After saying the oath, the new Puff has to ring the bell three times. They make Rory go first. She doesn't want to and half-heartedly starts mumbling the vow. They tell her she has to hold the candle. Rory does, and says the vow. They tell her she has to ring the bell. Rory rings the bell once.

I. Headmaster Charleston's opening the door, busting Rory and busting all of the Puffs for trespassing. What? Like they don't know the Puffs have been doing this for years and years and years? Like he's not proud of it somehow, what with Sandra Day O'Connor and all? And how did he know it was Rory before they turned on the light? Whatever -- it's sorta bullshit, this busting thing here.

J. Headmaster Charleston is pacing around the girls, who are now all seated in his office. He says he's disappointed and disillusioned and goes on and on about how bad they are. He says they'll deal with that later, but for now they have to figure out a punishment, which will most likely involve a suspension. Rory practically mumbles, "This is bullshit." Headmaster Charleston asks Rory to speak up over and over until she finally stands up to say that this is bullshit. She says that she's only there because he made her. She says things were going fine. She had friends, she joined the paper, and her routine was down. Charleston tries to talk about her routine being destructive, but Rory interrupts and says she has friends and a steady boyfriend and a freakishly close mother, but she lives all the way in Stars Hollow and they never bothered to research that. She says she got in trouble for preferring to read than to socialize with girly girls about the euthanasia of Homecoming. She fell in with The Puffs because he made her do it and threatened to take away Harvard and now she's getting suspended for doing what Charleston made her do. She says the next thing she knew she was blindfolded and taken out of her house in the middle of the night to end up at Chilton with the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (hee!) reciting bad poetry and lighting candles. She says it's not fair. Charleston's scary secretary drones that the parents are starting to arrive. Does everyone work Sunday mornings at Chilton? Headmaster Charleston dismisses all of the girls except Rory. He says they'll continue the conversation tomorrow, which is Sunday, but whatever. The girls leave, and Charleston says that he and Rory should have a discussion. He says it's important to socialize, but that perhaps they were hasty to judge in her case. Rory asks whether this means she might not get suspended. Charleston says that Rory is an excellent student who deserves to go to Harvard, and that he wouldn't want to stand in the way of that. He tells her he'll talk to her tomorrow. Rory thanks him and leaves.

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