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"Veronica! Dinner!"

Luke's. Luke's got some helper who sure isn't Jess and I've never seen him before. Rory and Lorelai walk in. Lorelai remarks that it's busy. Rory says that Luke gets good word-of-mouth. Lorelai says that they have to start spreading bad word-of-mouth if they want to keep getting a table. They debate briefly what kind of bad rumours they should spread, including vermin. Lorelai sees Luke talking to a customer and comments that it's strange to see him laughing and conversing with someone, since he's usually the "master of the monosyllable." Lorelai comments that Luke never flirts with any of the women. Rory says that he's flirted with Lorelai on more than one occasion, and tells her to flirt with him now so they can get some coffee. Lorelai flails a napkin in the air and "yoohoo"s for Luke to be attentive to their needs. Luke yells for Lorelai to cram it and sit on it until he's ready to serve them. Rory says she found a CD under the front seat of the car and was wondering whether Lorelai lost one. Lorelai says she didn't. Rory accuses Lorelai of hiding this particular CD. Lorelai asks why she would hide a CD. "I don't know," Rory says. "Bay City Rollers?" Lorelai says that it's not a Bay City Rollers CD and Rory traps Lorelai in her lie. She's been hiding Barry Manilow underneath the front seat of the car because he's her guilty pleasure. This CD has a live medley of all the commercials he's written. Rory says that Lorelai doesn't have to justify her Manilove to Rory. Lorelai says that's very diplomatic, considering Rory had a Bryan Adams poster over her bed. ["My sister and I argued for about five minutes at this point over whether Rory's too young to care about Bryan Adams or even know who he is. Ultimately we decided she might be." -- Wing Chun] Rory calls Lorelai a "fink." Lorelai tries to engage Luke in the conversation, but he's back to being monosyllabic. Rory orders breakfast, and Luke leaves. Lorelai asks whether Luke has dated anyone since Rachel. Rory says she doesn't know where Luke would have met any women anyway, since he's always in the diner or his apartment. Lorelai fantasizes that Luke's got a "little chippy" stowed away somewhere that he keeps on the side. Lorelai predicts that Luke's going to be a bachelor for life. Rory says there's someone out there for everyone. Rory starts laughing and admits she's thinking about Barry Manilow. She starts singing "Looks Like We Made It." Lorelai: "Oh, yeah? Spice Girls." Rory: "Duran Duran." Lorelai: "Dido." Rory: "Olivia Newton-John." Lorelai reminds Rory that she and Lane were doing the Macarena for hours and hours for weeks on end. Rory says they were mocking the Macarena and you can't mock the mocking. They decide to stop fighting and be friends again. They clink coffee mugs. Rory giggles and Lorelai yells for her to stop. Opening credits.

Morning. Lorelai walks into the kitchen and tells Rory that the car's dead. She imitates the horrible sound it's making, adding that the actual sound is "less feminine." Rory diagnoses the problem as the battery. Lorelai asks what she ever did to make the battery so angry. Rory reminds Lorelai of the time she left the radio on in the car all night, killing the battery, and the time she left the lights on in the car all night, killing the battery, and the many times she's kept the door open all night thus leaving the overhead light on, killing the battery. Lorelai admits that she's done multiple things to make the battery mad. Rory asks whether Lorelai is going to walk. Lorelai says she's wearing heels. Rory tells her to change her shoes. Lorelai says she would have to change her outfit. To change her outfit, she'd have to walk upstairs. Rory says that it's like living with Zsa Zsa Gabor. Lorelai gets on the phone to call Michel as Rory complains that her backpack is too small to hold all of her books. Michel picks up the phone at the Independence Inn and Lorelai puts him on hold to tell Rory that her backpack isn't too small -- she's just got too many books. Michel has to stay on hold as Lorelai has a long conversation about Rory's many books. Rory has three different books for reading on the bus depending on her mood, books to read at lunch, essays, biographies, short stories and novels. Michel is losing his patience as Lorelai continues a conversation that doesn't involve him. ["I realized I was getting too involved in the show when I was getting vicariously furious on Michel's behalf because Lorelai was being so inconsiderate." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai tells Michel to come pick her up. Michel says he's already at work. She tells him to put Carol on the desk and to come pick her up. Michel Frenches that he's not speaking to Carol because she ate his low-fat cheese. Hee. Lorelai promises to buy Michel more low-fat American cheese if he comes and picks her up. Michel adds a cookie to that contract, and it's a deal. Rory brags that she fit all of her books in her bag. Lorelai shows her that she forgot her French book. Rory says she was planning on carrying her French book, anyway. Lorelai jokes that Rory's going to fall over backwards from the weight of the book, and Rory says goodbye.

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