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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

We open on someone taking down the dance marathon banner. This time the banner doesn't say "50th Annual." I guess it's supposed to be Monday morning, the day after the contest. I'm guessing that because Rory is dressed in her Chilton uniform. But she and Lorelai can barely walk; their feet are in tremendous pain from the contest. Lorelai needs to stop walking every few seconds. Rory moans that her feet have never been in this much pain before. "Oh, yeah?" Lorelai asks. "What about that time?" Rory doesn't know which time Lorelai's talking about. Before Lorelai can answer, she's hit with another wave of pain. They mope over to a haystack, and take a seat. Rory asks Lorelai to continue, but Lorelai's forgotten what she was talking about so much that she ends up confusing Rory in the process. It's a series of questions worthy of Vinnie Barbarino's thesis paper. Lorelai observes that she and Rory do not function well on "funky sleep patterns." Rory says she feels jet-lagged. "You've been up twenty-four hours straight," Lorelai says. Okay, everybody, collectively, just let it go. I know. Either she would have been up for another full day, making it forty-eight hours straight, or she slept all of Sunday away, which doesn't account for why she'd be so tired right now. There's nothing we can do about it. Rory's tired. Let's just agree and move on. Rory can't believe she stayed up for that long just because her mother asked her to. Lorelai says she doesn't expect it'll happen again. Hey, I guess Rory's all healed from her heartache. All better. Fixed. Feeling good, even, heart-wise. Lorelai can't believe how far away Luke's is from their haystack. She decides to concentrate really hard to use her psychic powers to move it closer. The girls stare at the building. Rory: "I don't think it's working." Lorelai: "Unh, it's my fault; I'm not focusing." Lorelai tries to get them moving, giving them a one-two-three count, saying they need to get up and go. They, of course, stay still. Eventually the opening credits take over.

Hey, that's Jared Padalecki still in the opening credits! Someone out there loves me.

Luke's. The girls made it there alive, but just barely. Lorelai throws herself onto a chair and thanks God. The girls take chairs at separate tables, which is possible because Luke's appears to be pretty damn empty for a Monday morning. Lorelai says it was a good thing it wasn't snowing outside while they were hiking to Luke's: "It would have been the Donner party all over again, but with slightly better hair." Lorelai notices that Rory's at a different table. She giggles, and asks Rory, "Why are you sitting way over there?" Rory asks how she got there. "You sat there," Lorelai answers. Rory points out how close the chairs are to each other, and how easy it is to make that kind of mistake. The girls then debate which of them should move to the other table. It goes on until Lorelai pulls rank and says she's the Alpha. Rory moves to her table just as Kirk enters, still carrying his very large trophy. "Oh, excuse me," he says. "Did my trophy bump you?" Hee. Lorelai says it didn't, so Kirk explains that since the trophy is so large, he doesn't always know where it ends. He says the "shiny golden edges" of the trophy are very sharp, and could take an eye out or cause a deep gash: "It's almost more a weapon than a trophy." Lorelai: "Really? Can I hold it, then?" Luke tells Kirk to get out of the way, since he's blocking the door. Kirk requests one of the larger tables this morning, because the smaller tables couldn't possibly handle the sheer massiveness of Kirk's trophy. Luke tells Kirk to put the trophy on the floor. Kirk says it needs its own chair. "It's gonna need its own glue if you don't sit down pretty soon," Luke threatens. "Everybody hates a winner," Kirk notes. Lorelai tells Rory that they're going to share eggs and pancakes. Rory says she can't, since she's now late for school. Lorelai can't believe it took them thirty minutes to walk to Luke's. Rory and Lorelai limp to the counter to ask for donuts to go. Lorelai also asks for some of the extra legs Heather Mills is sending to Croatia.

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