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Rory is congratulating Lucy on her first legal drink at her 2002 party when Lucy catches sight of Paris and Doyle. Her eyes go wide. "You totally delivered," she says to Rory, who encourages her to go and speak to the legend that is Paris. Lucy nervously goes forth, leaving Rory to stare in frustration at Marty. She takes a shot at being a bigger person, and goes to the bar to talk to him: "Barkeep, I'll have an upside down tequila slammer with a twist!" Humorlessly, Marty drones that he doesn't know how to make that. "I know," she sighs. "I just made it up." He monotones an "oh." Finally, Rory confronts his stupid behavior, asking if it's going to be like this between them from now on. "I'm sorry," he finally says, and they are suddenly back to their old selves, laughing, especially, when they see that Paris and Doyle have AWESOMELY taken over the dance floor and are doing a choreographed routine that is blowing the minds of all assembled.

However many hours later or earlier (whatever, I've come to accept it), Luke sits in awe with the brand-new parents, Liz and T.J. and their baby girl. Does no one in Stars Hollow ever give birth to boys? Is it something in the water? There's Davey, of course, but we never see him, so I question whether he's really a boy. "Are you sure about the name 'Doula,'" Luke asks, obviously hoping he is mistaken about their choice for a name. It is kind of sad, really, although I have heard worse. When T.J. passes little Doula over to him, Uncle Luke is filled with emotion. Twice in one episode! Quietly, he says, "She's great."

Christopher is supporting the knitters with coffee as they lag more than $7000 behind their goal. "We're never going to make it, are we?" Miss Patty laments. Babette: "Not without dopin'!" Awesome. Lorelai tries to rally: "You guys, don't talk like that! Think of the bridge! We'll never be able to look it in the I-bar again if we let it down." Chris gets a poignant look as he watches them struggle with their task. Maybe, Miss Patty points out, scheduling an outdoor event in November wasn't such a great move. "It's a bad move," Babette says. "But it's part of a great tradition of bad moves by Taylor." Suddenly, Taylor has an announcement. Stars Hollow's newest resident, Christopher Hayden, has donated the balance of their goal, bringing them up to ten grand. "Honey?" Lorelai says, nervous. "" Miss Patty says, clearly disappointed. "That was very..." Sookie jumps in: "Generous! Wasn't that generous?" Christopher's heart was in the right place, of course, but that's not what Stars Hollow is about. Stars Hollow is about quirkiness! They are about knitting for eighteen hours in the cold! And now that their goal has been met, what's the point? Everyone gets up to leave, grumbling, while Lorelai tries desperately to keep the knitting alive. "Sorry, honey," says Sookie, seeing her disappointment, and the workers immediately begin clearing up the scene of the Knit-a-Thon.

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