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Luke and Anna have met at some random restaurant to talk about April. Forgive me for saying so, but Sherilyn Finn is wearing the most ridiculous, tragic dress ever sewn. Luke thanks her for coming, and says he wanted to talk because April is so upset about the move. "Yeah," Anna says, "I know." Luke says he just wants to make sure that they're doing everything they could to make it easier on April. He suggests that Anna wait to move until the end of the school year. "And you don't think I thought about that?" she asks, irritated. Luke is full of understanding and suggestions. He comes up with a few scenarios, all of which Anna shoots down. "So, maybe we can buy her some plane tickets," Luke suggests, so that April will know when she's coming back and can see her friends. Like, for example, Luke's already told her that she could come stay with him during summers and breaks. The conversation goes from bad to bitchin' awful. Anna wigs, saying that Luke has no right to make those promises to April; she has no idea what they'll be doing during the summer. Luke desperately tries to calm Anna down, but she flips further: "These are my decisions. I'm not going to have you making promises to her that you can't keep." Luke: "So, are you saying she's not coming back?" Anna bitches that all this stuff is her decision, and that she doesn't want Luke interfering with April's life. Stunned, Luke watches as Anna stomps out the door. Before getting a chance to really react, Luke hears his cell phone ring, and answers it to hear a terrifying, murderous scream. Liz is having the baby. "I'm on my way!" he says, and heads out.

Meanwhile, the Knit-a-Thon is in full effect. Kirk travels through the crowd giving out free needles. "Hey," Lorelai jokes, "who says Stars Hollow is not progressive?" Good one, Lorelai, but I think everybody says that. All sorts of hijinks are going on on the square, including Sookie's spaghetti booth, where Jackson and Christopher are shaking hands, talking about their upcoming plans to watch the game. man date success! Lorelai is happy to hear of their future plans, though she had scheduled some further activities for Christopher with various townies. The group stakes out some prime knitting real estate as Taylor, wearing a fully knitted ensemble, attempts to give a speech at the gazebo while being constantly interrupted by Kirk, who insists that Taylor's watch is wrong, thus jeopardizing the official start time of the knitting. Finally, Taylor can only hit the highlights of his notecards and shouts out words having to do with bridges and money before tossing them up in frustration and opening the knitting. Feverishly, the people of Stars Hollow clack their needles, and great fun is had by all.

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