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Sookie and Lorelai puzzle over what Jackson and Christopher could do together on their evening out. "How about Country Night at Miss Patty's?" Sookie suggests. Lorelai wonders if that's a great idea. "Well," Sookie agrees, "I mean, Jackson is a fiendish two-stepper, but he's handsy." Ha! Lorelai wonders what regular guys do, and they engage in some free association: "Grunt?" "Scratch?" "Leave the toilet seat up?" "Talk about sports?" "Talk about cars?" "Burp?" That did it. Sookie: "BEER." That's it! Sookie and Lorelai agree that Jackson's taking Christopher out for a beer at Casey's would be both simple and manly. Sookie: "And while they're doing all that scratching and grunting, we could actually go do something fun!" Lorelai: "Country Night at Miss Patty's!" Sookie: "Mmm hmm, hee haw!"

Oh my God, the internet date. He just told a story about his grandfather dying, and she laughed. This is the most miserable woman on Planet Earth right now. Jeez, lady, just fake a coughing fit and run out the door!

Speaking of miserable, April is at the counter at Luke's, sulking about the move. Trying to cheer her up, he suggests that they rent A Brief History Of Time again: "Maybe I'll understand something more than the credits this time." When April doesn't react, Luke tries again, saying that moving to New Mexico won't be so bad. April freaks, going from 0 to 60 in a rage, yelling that she doesn't want to move to the hot, dusty, miserable desert. Luke ushers her outside for a walk, telling her that she can come back and visit her friends over summers and breaks and stay with him. "No," April pouts, and tells the terrible tragedy of Janie Friedman, who moved last year, saying that she would keep in touch, and now nobody ever hears from her anymore. Luke says that it doesn't have to be like that, but April wails that she and Anna are moving two thousand miles away and that's how it's going to be: "Mom is ruining my life! I'm just going to be that weird, dorky loser girl all over again!" She throws herself on Luke's shoulder, practically chewing it off in her zeal along with the rest of the scenery.

At their apartment, Paris is quizzing Rory on the 2002 party to which she is invited. Paris doesn't get it: "Will there be dancing?" Rory says that there will be 2002 dancing. "So," Paris says, "we're talking mostly hip-hop." Rory assures Paris that she does not have to hip-hop dance at this party. "Oh, I can hip-hop dance," Paris brags. "Don't you worry. Doyle and I will be scorching the floorboards." Yay! Rory says that she's looking forward to that as she answers a call on her cell phone. It's Lorelai, deep in the throes of her knitting practice, asking how much Rory is going to pledge per skein: "What do you say -- like, ten bucks a skein?" Rory: "How about, five dollars?" Lorelai: "So, fifteen?" Rory: "Make it three dollars." Lorelai: "Twenty a skein?" Rory: "Buck-fifty!" Lorelai: "Twenty-five smackeroos?" Rory: "Seventy-five cents!" Lorelai says that they have no idea how to haggle, and Rory agrees, asking to be put down for thirty dollars, overall. "I will not take less than thirty," says Lorelai. Rory: "The best I can do is thirty." Lorelai: "All right, you give me thirty and it's a deal." Absolutely, fantastically wonderful, classically cute Gilmorian scene. I loved it. Have I said how awesome Alexis Bledel has been in the last few eps? And I just don't mean her hair this time, which can occasionally act her out of the room. As music begins bumping in the living room, we see Paris and Doyle practicing their dance moves for the upcoming party. I rewound it ten times. Lorelai tells her about Jackson and Christopher's upcoming "man date." Rory: "Cute. A mandated man date?" They chat on, eventually ending up on Rory's current crisis: her queasy encounters with Marty. "Well, you're a hard one to get over, kid," Lorelai says. "When guys feel rejected they act all cold and weird." Rory agrees, but points out that she rejected Marty -- "if that's what even happened" -- years ago and that he should be over it by now. Lorelai suggests that Rory try to be the bigger person, but Rory rightly points out that she shouldn't have to be; there should be a statute of limitations on being a jerk. Lorelai has to cut the conversation short when she sees Christopher come down the stairs on the way to his man date. "So, uh, thirty dollars a skein?" she shoots as she hangs up, while Rory insists that it's thirty, total.

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