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At the Inn, Sookie is wrestling with (not IN, as I just typed by accident) spaghetti noodles, cursing as she tries to wind them into balls. She tells Lorelai that in the middle of the night, she had a vision of what to serve at her Knit-a-Thon booth: "Balls of yarn, made out of spaghetti, with breadsticks stuck in the middle like knitting needles! It's brilliant! Brilliant! Horrible!" The spaghetti won't cooperate. She asks Lorelai what she's been up to, and Lorelai worriedly says that she and Chris have just taken a walk through town, where everyone was cordial. "Oooh," Sookie says. "'Cordial'?" Lorelai says that the townspeople shook Christopher's hand and welcomed him to Stars Hollow: "Creepy, right? I saw Miss Patty and Babette and neither one of them pinched [Christopher's] butt." Probably because they couldn't find it. Hey, I'm sorry. The men in my family are also buttless, so I ain't busting on him; I'm just saying. Sookie cringes apologetically, but does point out that Lorelai did marry an outsider. She says that people really loved her with Luke. "Right, but it's not their life; it's my life," Lorelai yells. "And frankly, I don't think I should have to go around feeling bad that might life didn't turn out like everybody wanted it to." Tell it to the TWoP forums, Lorelai. And then stick it in a blog, because they won't be listening.

Lorelai's sick of the judgment, and appeals to Sookie's longtime friendship for support of her relationship: "I understand that you liked Luke, and I know you're not so sure about Christopher, but Sookie, you're my best friend, I really need your support here. I mean, Christopher is my husband, and it would be great if you would just get on board." Sookie, to her credit, says she will absolutely get on board. "I'll swab the deck, I'll hoist the sail," she says. "Anything nautical." I love Sookie. What she needs, Lorelai says, is help getting the rest of town on board. "We need a campaign," Sookie agrees. She suggests that Christopher walk Paul Anka around town: "Cute guy? Cute dog? Very appealing!" Lorelai says that won't work -- Paul Anka isn't good with sidewalks. Christopher could, however, pull him around in the Welcome Wagon. She moves on to another thought: "Or Jackson!" Sookie, confused: "You want him to pull Jackson around in a wagon?" No, Lorelai says. She thinks that if people saw Christopher with Jackson, they'd like him, since Jackson as a lot of clout. Sookie beams: "You think Jackson has a lot of clout?" Lorelai: "Oh, Jackson has tons of clout! He's lousy with clout." (Ew. Put "clout" on my list of hated words, along with "orb," "bulbous," "blog," and "slacks." Something about those consonants next to those vowels is way gross. Blech. Just typing the word "bulbous" right then made me have to take a break and sit and eavesdrop on the internet date going on next to me in the coffee shop. The dude is talking about what a great cook he is, and how he's lost all his cooking jobs because the chefs are intimidated by his talent. "I was into the Oriental thing for a while," he just said, speaking of his inventive use of fish sauce in his signature dishes. The woman is so bored out of her mind, I am about to throw my coffee on her so she can escape. I know she would thank me.)

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