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In the town square, preparations for the Knit-a-Thon are going full steam. Babette screams out a lesson explaining how to GENTLY loop yarn for the knitting and purling, as Lorelai and Chris stroll up. Babette greets Lorelai with her traditional warmth, tacking on an uncomfortable hello for Christopher. He is, of course, oblivious, but exceedingly polite as Babette screeches on and on about how "great" it is that he and Lorelai eloped, avoiding all the hassle of a "real wedding": "Why would anyone want to buy a big, expensive wedding dress that you could only wear once? Except for me, I got to wear mine twice." The second time, she wore it for Halloween, going as the Bride of Chucky. "Oh, yeah," Christopher says, trying to be a part of the Stars Hollow whimsy. "And Morey went as Chucky?" Babette looks at him like he's crazy: "Huh? No! He was a futuristic pirate!"

Lorelai and Christopher walk on, only to run into Miss Patty, who has come, draped in velvet, to present them with the town Welcome Wagon. "This is so cool," Christopher says. "I didn't know the Welcome Wagon came in a real wagon." Patty gives him an uneasy "yeah," and asks how he's adjusting to Stars Hollow. "I bet you're bored senseless here," she says, hopeful. "A worldly guy like you must feel like he's out in the sticks." He says no, he's enjoying the town, and Lorelai smiles sadly as she looks at the Welcome Wagon and watches Miss Patty walk away.

Rory arrives at Lucy and Olivia's room with some 2002 paraphernalia for the birthday party. Only Marty is there, decorating, and he responds to her greetings and questions with only the most robotic one-word answers. Annoying. Rory is saved from this awkwardness by the arrival of her friends. Who are back to their old, irritating selves. Olivia, actually, doesn't bother me. It's Lucy with the trilling and the "Boyfriend" and the general over-the-topness. Cute girl; love the hair; but she's reminding me enough of Rose McGowan without even trying so she needs to shut up. The ladies are amused to find that they all brought Ugg boots to commemorate the '02. "Very Clydesdale," Marty says, in what, I'm sorry, is a totally queeny voice. He and Lucy laugh and kiss while Rory looks uncomfortable.

Back at the diner, Anna has arrived to speak with Luke. She compliments him on his cerulean decorations before getting down to the bomb dropping: her mom is having a difficult recovery, and requires constant care. "April can stay with me any time," Luke chimes in. "Whatever you need." Unfortunately, that's not what Anna's come to talk about. She has decided that she and April will be moving to New Mexico to be close to her mother. "I'm sorry," she says, seeing how shocked Luke is. She says that April is also not thrilled about it, but that the plans have been made. Her assistant will run her shop and they will be moving as soon as possible. "I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?" Luke says, understanding. "I mean, when my dad was sick..." Anna nods, and they say an uneasy goodbye.

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