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Later, at dinner, everyone compliments the lamb, specially flown in from New Zealand, while Lorelai sulks, Wolf Girl looking over her shoulder. Emily says that she and Richard would like to throw the newlyweds a wedding party. Lorelai tries desperately to decline: "Why don't you give us an anniversary party? Like a tenth. What is ten? Bronze, sandstone, particle board?" Rory: "Actually, it's tin." Lorelai shoots her a look, continuing to protest. She says that, after their wedding, she and Chris went out to a beautiful meal, complete with a cheese plate. "'A cheese plate'?" Emily deadpans. "Since when is a hunk of fermented milk a suitable means for celebrating a marriage?" Hee. Actually, as all married people know, there are times when nothing would be more appropriate. Marriage: sometimes it stinks, but if you've picked the right one, it's tasty anyway. Emily appeals to the product of the union, asking Rory whether she agrees that a party would be a wonderful idea. "Well," says Rory, crossing her arms, "yes, actually. I think it would be nice." Christopher agrees. Lorelai has no choice but to bend under the pressure. Emily is pleased. She says that she'll need Lorelai's invite list right away in order to book the Harbor Club. Lorelai says that she can give it to her right now: "It's me, Chris, Rory, Logan, if Rory wants him there, Sookie, Jackson, and Michel." Emily protests that it's Lorelai's "day," and that she should invite more people than that: "Why don't you invite some of your charming Stars Hollow friends?" Lorelai demurs, brushing this off and shooting an accusatory look at Rory.

Some unknown length of time later, Logan, Paris, and Doyle are helping Rory to move back into the apartment in the hood. They all groan under the weight of Rory's books. "Two copies of the Norton Anthology?" Logan says, in shock, and Rory apologizes again for the trouble. This is all creepily familiar. When my husband and I moved in together, we carried our collective thousand books up two flights of stairs, cursing every page. "Tess Of The D'Urbervilles!" I cried at one point as the joints of my spine fused. "You syphilitic harlot! May you burn in hell!" The move complete, Paris comes in (wearing a supercute cat sweater) saying that all that remains to be done is for Rory to sign the lease. Rory is surprised to hear this. "Well, you are subletting from me," Paris says. "And last time you lived here, you just up and left in the middle of the year." Rory points out that Paris kicked her out: "You moved all my stuff into the hallway and locked the door!" Paris: "Well, now you'll have a legally binding contract that will negate my ability to do that in the future." She says that the lease is just standard boilerplate, though Rory, reading closer, sees a clause listing the rights and privileges of Logan Huntzberger or any other paramours. Paris says that it's a very simple formula, based on the nights he spends there and the average number of minutes he spends showering and using the internet. "It's okay," says Logan, as Rory rolls her eyes. "I'll kick in, Paris." Paris: "Thataboy, Rockefeller." She leaves, and Logan has to say his goodbyes as well. He tries to get Rory to come meet him in the city on Thursday for dinner with his clients: "We'll rack up an obscene bill at Nobu, and charge it all to my dad." Rory can't go, however, because she and her friends are throwing a huge party for Lucy's twenty-first birthday: "Our theme is '2002; just because. Come on! In 2002, you were a college freshman. You would have been completely bored by businessmen, and thrilled to go to a party thrown by three hot senior girls!" Good try, Rory, but Logan can't make it. They do some smoochin' and say goodbye.

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