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Back at the party, Rory and Olivia drunkenly study the dancers, joking that Paris has trained for this party like an Olympic event. As Olivia lurches off toward her party-target, Buzz Cut Boy, Marty flops on the couch to take her place. "That upside twisted slammer," Rory slurs, "is living up to its name, man." Marty, also, is boozed up. Rory comments that the last time she saw him drunk, he was naked and passed out outside her dorm room. "So," he says, "the truth comes out after all these years. You checked me out." Rory denies it, saying that she did not. They joke about how skinny he was back as a college freshman. "But now," he says, feeling his muscles, "I'm Marty Schwarzenegger." She laughs that he's looking good. "And you," he says, getting suddenly serious, "are more beautiful than ever." Oops. Rory is skeeved. Their previous awkwardness returns. "Um," she says, "you should be out there with Lucy." Freaked himself, Marty immediately gets up and kisses his girlfriend.

Christopher can't understand how donating the rest of the money to save the bridge was a bad thing. Lorelai says she knows it doesn't make any sense, but that the whole point was to save it with knitting. "I thought I was doing a good thing," says Christopher, but she says he doesn't have to worry about trying so hard. He laughs, saying that she's the one that's making him try hard, setting him up on man dates and stuff. I hate to say it, but you know he's right. And then in the next breath, he's wrong: "You know what? I'm a likable guy." He says he's nice, and that people like him and the people of Stars Hollow are going to love him because he loves Lorelai: "And I'm gonna be here, loving you." Whatever, dude. I don't understand why they're trying to make me like you, but it isn't working. Christopher hits Lorelai with the farming metaphor, and she is duly impressed. "You know what, Mr. Doesn't Understand What He's Talking About But Is Actually Pretty Wise?" she asks him. Christopher: "What's that, Mrs. Goes Through Five Hundred Emotions Every Day?" Lorelai: "I love you, a lot." Oh, man. More I-love-yous. Just call me Ms. What The Fuck Is Going On Here, and we'll have a party.

Luke has arrived at Anna's, and it is ON. "You're always telling me that I can't do this with your daughter, and I can't do that with your daughter," he says, "and you know what? She's not just your daughter." Anna sneers at him, asking what his point is, and he rants about how wrong it was for her to keep April from him for so long. "She's my kid," he says. "She's our kid, not just yours. I'm not going to let you treat me this way. I'm her father!" He says she can't just decide things about April without him: "I will fight you if I have to. I'm her father. And I have rights."

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