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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

Yeah! Sally Struthers! My favorite part in any Gilmore Girls episode. Her cat is stuck under their front porch. Rory goes to get some vegetable oil for her. Sally says that her lover was playing some Theloneous on the piano, which always turns her on. Sound of a cat wailing. Sally yells for him to play her home. The piano starts up as Sally moans on the steps, "Oh, God! It's killing me!" Rory walks back as Lorelai asks, "You know what I was just thinking?" Rory: "That Madonna and Sean Penn should get back together?" Lorelai says that the golfing trip should count as a Friday dinner and that the two of them should go and see a movie that Friday. Rory says she wants to go to the dinner, because she wants to get the book from Grampa. Lorelai pouts for a few seconds and then asks if Rory's wearing her sweater. Rory says she is. Lorelai says she wishes Rory would ask before she borrowed things. Rory apologizes and says she forgot. This launches a gigantic sister-like argument about taking things that don't belong to you and how Rory is now going to stretch out the sweater because her boobs are larger than Lorelai's. Rory says her boobs aren't larger, and Lorelai says they should get out a measuring tape right now and compare. Millions of teenage boys walk into the living room to see what porn their older sisters are watching and then slowly fall asleep leaning behind the couch. Lorelai and Rory continue to argue until Rory storms off. Lorelai sits down and pouts as we fade quietly to commercial.

The only time in the entire day that both of my cats sit still and face the television is when Gilmore Girls is on. It's strange. They're all quiet and serene. Something is really strange, here. I don't trust it at all.

Sookie and Lorelai walk down the street. Lorelai says she didn't get a chance to apologize and wonders what's wrong with her. Sookie says that Lorelai is just possessive over her sweaters. She says she gets the same way and when someone touches her sweaters; she becomes "a crazy spider monkey." My boyfriend laughs in the other room. This show, I swear. Strange things happen to my apartment when it's on. One cat just came over and rubbed his head on my thigh. This has never happened. My sister called to ask what address she should send the money to that she borrowed in 1997. I found my left black strappy pump. Suddenly there's a new bottle of orange juice in the fridge. I just got an email from my closest friend. The living room doesn't smell like cigarettes and stale beer anymore, and now has this warm sandalwood smell. Kind of like a happy stripper's home. I don't trust any of it. Lorelai says that she's upset that Rory had fun with her Grampa. She says that she feels terrible for feeling bad about it. Sookie says that Lorelai is jealous because her parents like Rory more than her. Sookie apologizes for being so harsh. Lorelai says she never thought that Rory would like that rich lifestyle. Sookie interrupts the conversation when she sees some strawberries across the street.

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