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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

Lorelai asks if Rory ordered yet. Rory says she's not hungry because she had a big lunch at the club. "With all the other devastators of our land," Mr. Nutrition grumbles. Rory apologizes again and says she didn't know. Lorelai asks again if Rory had a big lunch at the club. Rory says she did, and that it was "quite good." "Quite? What's with the 'quite?'" They argue over the use of the word "quite" for a while, until Lorelai asks what else happened. Rory said that she met Grampa's friends, took a steam, sweated out toxins, and stole a towel. Lorelai says it sounds like she had a good time. Rory says she did. They then say the word "really" back and forth until Rory asks for a new word. Lorelai is shocked that Rory had a good time at the club. She starts the "really" thing again until Rory makes her stop. Rory says that her and Grampa talked about travelling and trips and stuff. Lorelai says it's "really, really great" that Rory had a good time. Her cheeseburger arrives. Lorelai isn't hungry anymore. Mr. Nutrition complains. Lorelai: "Things change. Move on." Rory asks if the hat really looks bad on her. Lorelai stares for a while and says it looks cute.

Miss Patty is coaching the brides and grooms on ballroom dancing. She grabs one of the grooms and fondles him.

Lorelai finds Rory in the lobby. Michel brings over the phone. It's Lorelai's father, but the call is actually for Rory. Rory gets happy and walks off with the phone. Lorelai is not happy about this.

DTM is telling Drella the different songs she wants played at the wedding reception. Drella says that she's not a jukebox. "You think I started playing the harp because I thought it would be really cool or finally get me in with the in-crowd? Or maybe it would get me some good Happy Hour conversation?" She says she plays how she feels. The music drives her. DTM offers her an extra hundred dollars. "You just got yourself a jukebox."

Lorelai watches Rory talking on the phone and gets all sad. Cue strummy, strummy, la-la music that signifies the sadness in Lorelai's heart.

Rory and Lorelai sit at the table on their porch. Rory looks at herself in a mirror. Lorelai asks if she should leave "you two" alone. Rory says she thinks she wants to change her hair. "Really? I think it looks quite good." Rory walks in to get something to drink. Lorelai asks what Rory and Grampa talked about. Rory says he found a book they'd been talking about. Lorelai says that Grampa has never called the inn before. She asks what book it was. Rory says some incredibly obscure book title, which prompts Lorelai to drone, "Ohhh, that one."

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