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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

MIDI music brings us back to Wacky Wedding Wednesday. Lorelai is walking around ordering changes to be made to the setup. She even starts insulting the Swan Deliverer when he doesn't know his way around the Inn like she does. Lorelai calls Michel over and asks him to show Swan Guy where the swans go. He says, "Absolutely not." He tells Lorelai that he hates swans. She asks if he hates these particular swans. He says he hates all swans. He says that he was attacked by a band of swans when he was a little boy. "No one forgets that." Lorelai tries not to laugh as she says of course no one forgets being attacked by a band of swans. "Was it an all-boy band? Kind of a scary, feathery, *NSYNC kind of fiasco?" Michel says this isn't funny. The swan squawks, sending Michel into a fear fit, which then makes Lorelai laugh. She says he has to admit that it is a bit funny. Speaking of swans, "Hey, Pepe Le Pew, you wanna give me a hand with this?" Drella is carrying her harp towards Michel. "No," Michel says. Lorelai tells him it's Drella or the swans. Drella asks what Michel's problem is. Lorelai tells her that he's afraid of the swans. "Of course he is. He's French." Michel opts to take care of the swans. As Michel half-jumps in front of the Swan Deliverer and leads him to the pond, Drella cocks her head and says, "Can't stand the talk. Love to watch the walk."

Rory is spilling her steam-room gossip to Gramps over lunch. They are enjoying themselves. I kind of feel like this goes against Rory's character, but who am I to judge? I just met her two episodes ago. It's not like I should know anything about her. Two older men walk in and ask Gramps if they can join them. Gramps introduces them as Julian Edwards and Edward James. They both go by Ed. Whee! They sit down and ask Rory how Chilton is going. Gramps brags that Rory has a 4.0 grade point average and is going to Fez. "What the hell is in Fez?" Ed II asks. "That's for her to find out," Gramps says. Pan over to the flattered Rory as we fade quietly to commercial.

Back at the diner, Mr. Nutrition tells Rory her hat is interesting. She tells him that she went golfing today. He asks if she knows how many chemicals are in the stuff they put on the lawns, and how it's destroying the environment. She snots that she did. She then apologizes for her bad joke. Mr. Nutrition walks away as Lorelai walks in with some cake, complains about her day, and orders a cheeseburger. She asks what's up with the hat. "Gramma gave it to me," Rory says. "Aw, now that's just mean," Lorelai smiles. Rory takes it off. Lorelai asks how bad Rory's day was. Rory says that she had fun. Lorelai says she brought Rory cake to make her feel better. Rory asserts that it really wasn't that bad. Lorelai says that Rory is the best kid in the whole world. She then snaps to Mr. Nutrition that her food isn't ready yet. Hi, it's been like, two minutes? Rory talks about golf some more, about how she actually hit the ball by the end of the day.

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