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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

Lorelai walks DTM to the door as DTM asks if she has any children. Lorelai says she has a daughter. DTM asks if she ever hates her. Lorelai confesses that she didn't like Rory very much during labor. DTM leans from the door and announces that was the high point for her.

Pan down to Rory and Gramps walking back from the golf game. Rory is very excited that she did hit the ball once, even though it went into the water. Grampa says it did make an impressive splash. Rory compliments the club and asks if he comes here often. He tells her that he works a lot, but comes here when he can. The caddies walk silently behind them like they're supposed to, at fifty paces. Rory asks Grampa what he does for a living. He gives his official title. She asks what that is, exactly. He says that he runs a very big company and a "myriad of duties." He tells her that he oversees their international division. She asks if that means he has to travel. He says it does. She talks about how many places she'd like to travel to. She wants to go to Fez. He says that travelling is important when you're young. He says he wishes Lorelai got to travel. Rory tells him that her and her mother are planning on travelling when Rory graduates. Grampa says he'll make sure that'll happen. A woman drives up in her golf cart, holding her dog, and tells Grampa they'll have to get together. As she drives off, Grampa whispers in Rory's ear, "Most odious woman alive."

Grampa and Rory end up at a set of double doors. He tells Rory that they will meet back in front of these doors in forty-five minutes. He says if she'd like, they can get some lunch. She agrees. They both walk inside their respective doors.

Inside the men's steam room, three older gentlemen are arguing about someone stealing a golf cart. Grampa walks in and sits down. One of the men ask Grampa who the young kid is. He begins bragging about Rory. The other three start complaining about their horrible grandchildren who like to be pierced and "run wild through the streets." "Cut her off! That'll get her attention!" one of them curmudgeons. Grampa brags that Rory is attending Chilton. The other three are impressed that Gramps grew himself a good one, and not some crazy teenager who's just going to listen to that rock and roll rubbish. We fade to black as Grampa looks into his newspaper, pleased, and I start to wonder why my living room smells of grumpy old men.

Fade up on Rory sitting in the women's steam room. She's listening to Rich Lady Gossip, which I find too tedious in real life to reprint here. Golf Cart Yippie Dog Lady from earlier walks in and smiles at the two Gossips. She calls them "Nanette" and something that sounds exactly like "Pig." They give each other the empty, smiley, "We must get together." Golf Cart Yippie Dog Lady leaves, and Pig says to Nanette, "Most odious woman alive." Rory smiles and looks like she's thinking, "My people!"

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