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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

Lorelai and Rory show up at the grandparents', holding leftover blueberry shortcake. Emily doesn't want it anymore when she finds out it's leftovers from the wedding. It's things like that that keep me from liking her. Emily brags that Rory had a good time with Grampa. Emily says they should consider getting Rory a membership at the club. Emily thinks it would be good for Rory to have a place to go to hang out with her friends. Lorelai agrees that would be a good idea, since the crackhouse on the corner shut down and took most of Rory's good friends with it. After a three-second pause, Lorelai asks if Emily thinks she should stick with the comedy career. Emily says it's "interesting the way things turn out." Lorelai scoffs. Grampa walks in and says he found a first edition of the memoirs of the author of the obscure book. He invites Rory into his office to take a look at them. She walks after him. Emily says she'd like to look as well. Everyone walks into the office, leaving Lorelai sitting alone on the couch, sipping white wine and feeling a bit out of place.

Next week, Rory hits a deer. Lorelai gets silly at some class. Rory fronts Paris. Some bet is made. I giggle again. Dammit! I hate it when they make me giggle. Oh, okay. I like this show. Reluctantly, but I do. Dammit.

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