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My Grampa and me, like to climb up a tree...

We're treated to our first "previously" on Gilmore Girls: Michel answers the phone at the Independence Inn. Sookie makes a good peach sauce. Michel doesn't want to help Rory with her French paper. Rory gets accepted to Chilton. Lane's mom is happy Rory's changing schools. Lorelai can't pay the enrollment fee. She gets the money from her parents. Emily shows up on Rory's first day of school. Bickering commences. Rory and Lorelai share a long hug after the first day.

We join the Gilmores at the weekly Friday dinner appointment, already in progress. Grampa is congratulating Emily on a lovely dinner. Emily and Grampa go back and forth listing the various people they've had hired on as help. They argue over which ones they liked and which ones they didn't. Lorelai asks her father how he could confuse two people that he employed when one was a man and one was a woman. He says that he's too busy to pay attention to the "multitude" of people Emily has hired on for help. Rich people humor. Bwa-ha-ha. Then Lorelai tries to compliment the woman bringing out the dessert and gets her name incorrect. Lorelai tells Emily that the woman's name is Sarah. "I thought she said, 'Mira,'" Emily excuses. Lorelai is mortified. Rory compliments the dishes. Emily says they were Rory's great-grandmother's. "Lorelai the First," Grampa says. Oh, dear. Here come more Lorelai jokes. "I thought Mom was the first," Rory says. Grampa makes a noise like he's cold and disgusted. "Not in the name," Emily sing-songs. Lorelai says she was "a trailblazer" in other things. She smiles at Emily and says she was just completing her thought. Grampa goes on with a long list of accomplishments the first Lorelai had until Emily interrupts him to shout for Mira to cut the cake. Lorelai shouts that she should bring Sarah out with her. Uncomfortable moment followed by Rory pouting. Fade to opening credits.

Bad thing about the SAG strike: repeats of the "Whassap" commercial. Good thing about the SAG strike: repeats of the "Mr. Roboto" commercial. Hee.

Emily asks Lorelai how her "charming, little inn" is going. Lorelai says they're keeping their fingers crossed that it doesn't become large and rude. Rory tells Emily that Lorelai is hosting a wedding party at the inn. Emily gives an "Isn't that nice," and just as Lorelai is about to brag about the size and importance of the wedding, Emily asks Rory how Chilton is going. "Okay, done with me now," Lorelai says. "I'm sorry, was there more to the story?" Emily asks. Lorelai puts the focus back on Rory by saying she has to pick a team sport to play. It's awfully dark in their dining room. Grampa wakes up to say that physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. Lorelai says she should go out for debate. "It's not a sport," Rory says. "Oh, it is the way the Gilmores play," Lorelai smiles. Rory goes down the list of available sports to pick. When she hits "golf," Emily stops her to say that Grampa is "a golf player." She says that Grampa could take Rory to the club and teach her how to play. Grampa gives a warning "Emily." He says that golf isn't something you can teach in an afternoon. Lorelai tells Rory to pick something else. But Emily already has her mind made up, because she only likes to do that once per topic, and says that Grampa will take Rory to the country club this weekend and teach her how to golf. She tells Rory she can use Lorelai's old golf clubs. "They're upstairs gathering dust with the rest of her potential." Lorelai asks to talk to Emily in private. Emily says they're about to have dessert. Lorelai says she'd like to talk to Emily fast, "before the sugar kicks in and makes [her] crazy."

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