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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

See, here. Look. Man. Rory. You lead boys on. A lot. You make them think they're the only one even when you have another boyfriend. And part of my frustration is in seeing my past self in Rory here. I also thought it was important that everyone liked me, especially the boys, and wanted everyone to be my friend, even when it wasn't appropriate to be friends because the boy clearly liked me or the girl absolutely hated me. Shit, I suppose I'm doing it right now, staying up all night to double-recap because I spent the day getting slammed by ten tweens/lonely women who decided they'd reached The Tipping Point with my writing and wanted to start their own sad-ass revolution. So when I see Rory here make it sound like she has a crush on Marty because she knows he likes her because damn she has to know he likes her by now, what with the way he's always trying to tell her so before she runs out of the room or falls asleep in his bed. Marty tells Rory that not only has he been busy, but she's been "a little busy herself." Getting a little busy, yes. Rory asks if he's working this weekend. She says it's been ages since they've had "a good hang-out night." She suggests they watch DVDs and order food. She says she just got the new Marx Brothers box set: "You love the Marx brothers! Duck Soup." Marty tries to back out of it gracefully, but Rory bullies, saying she already said "Duck Soup." "Rory!" Marty says in this perfect, exasperated tone. But Rory's relentless, and won't let this guy have any dignity or shred of heart left inside his body, and makes him agree to not date her this weekend, sit very close to her and watch her not be his girlfriend for an entire box set. With food. Then she hugs him with her whore-red painted fingernails. (That's the name of the color; I'm not judging. They're red like whores. Red Whores. Fine. They're Red Vine Red. Better?) Rory runs back to her "meeting," and Marty kicks himself for being such a pushover.

Stac(e)y: Isn't Marty the cutest! Oy, with the poodles, already! I'm gonna rent Duck Soup this Saturday and pretend he's sitting next to me. Are the Marks Brothers directors like the Matrix guys? Anyway, I love their chemistry in this scene. Marty's so cute because he loves Rory, and Rory's so nice, wanting Marty to feel better, even though she's got Logan (Yay, Logan! W00T! LL4AIWWAMH!) Gosh, they sure like coffee in this episode! What a great episode! I've already watched it six times and memorized the part where Marty said, "Rory," because I wish some guy would say that to me like that because he loves me. He could even call me Rory. In fact, I wish he would. I wanna be Rory. I wish I wasn't under house arrest.

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Gilmore Girls




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