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Lorelai tries to make friends at her new morning place, but it's really more of a bakery than a diner, so people are on their way out with their danish. And while they each give a polite nod and a smile to the Crazy Gilmore Lady hounding them about their purchases before their morning coffees, she's just not getting the same amount of sweet quirk she's come to expect with her oatmeal. To add insult to injury, the counter woman hands Lorelai three coffees to go. Lorelai explains that when she said "Coffee, coffee, coffee," she wasn't ordering a beverage in triplicate, but was just expressing her need for caffeine. I do feel for Lorelai, here, when she has to explain to the dead-faced woman what "humor" is and how sometimes she "exaggerates" for "comedic effect." It's hard, Lor, I know, when the world takes everything you say at complete face value. She then tells the woman that if they were friends, or even casual acquaintances, the woman would know how much Lorelai loved coffee, since that's her thing, and when she says "coffee," she totally means she just really wants to order coffee, which, in my book means she'd love all three. Lorelai does pay for all three, and I'll totally take one of those because there's a lot of recap left and it's exhausting keeping Stac(e)y entertained.

Stac(e)y: COFFEE! I can't believe how rude all the people were at Not!Luke's. I mean, say hello, you guys! Ha! Lorelai's so funny, with how she knows that if the woman knew her she'd totally have given her just the one, big, ol coffee. But it won't taste as good as Luke's! Nothing ever will! Go back to Luke! Go, Lorelai, or I'm gonna sleep with him and all your extra coffee! Mmm. Coffee-tasting Luke. Luke grinding beans! I just got the topic for my new FanFic. I'd post it here, but I'll get in trouble. Email me and I'll hook you up! Warning: It's got L/L nudity! Hey, is this not the best episode ever? It's only been ten minutes and I've already cried once and rewound it to watch the scene with Lorelai and Rory eating ice cream twice (I went and got some ice cream and then I wanted to eat it with Rory and Lorelai, so I rewound it, but then I wanted to eat even more ice cream because there was still the rest of the gallon left.) Love those Gilmore Girls!) @):--O (Me, in curlers, screaming because of brain freeze. Ha! (Alice_love_2_eat_@_Lukes taught me that. Shout-out, Alice_love_2_eat_@_Lukes! You're so funny!))

Lorelai rounds her Jeep around the corner and comes to a halt when she sees Luke's boat on a hitch, seemingly tied to a pole. She looks off, hurt, holding her one coffee without one of those cardboard finger-protectors, so you know how hardcore she is about drinking her morning coffee. Poor Lorelai, her ship has sailed.

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