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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Stac(e)y: Christopher should go away. I'll kill him myself, if I have to, because he's already got a child -- HELLO!? And Rory's got too much homework to do to worry about telling her mother about an email she got. Right on, Loreali, for calling her mom a B****H. That food at Yale looked good. All we have at my caf on Friday is mac and cheese. GROSS!

Lorelai and Rory walk outside in the cold quad eating ice cream, talking about the merits of eating ice cream outside when it's cold. Lorelai sticks her tongue out to show her daughter the tongue-shaped ice cube her tongue has turned into from the cold, cold ice cream she ate while outside in the cold. Marty wanders into the scene, head deep in a book. Lorelai asks (for some of your benefits) if that's Rory's Naked Guy. "Oh, yeah," Rory says, like even she's almost forgotten about him. She then corrects Lorelai, saying he's not her naked guy at all. Rory says hello. Marty looks up, sees Rory, and turns around to run away as fast as he can, his giant backpack taking up the entire television screen as he leaves. Rory and Lorelai haven't noticed this, however, because they're talking about how important it is not to have a communal Naked Guy these days. They look up to see he's gone. "I guess he didn't hear about you sitting at the cool table," Lorelai concludes. She asks if Rory's "rumbling" with Marty. Even is like, "That's kind of stretching slang, Lorelai, even for you." Rory says they're just not as close lately. Both women agree that it's a shame, because Marty seems like a nice guy. Lorelai thanks Rory for dinner and says she should get back. Rory invites her to come in and watch television for a little while or stay the night. Lorelai tells her "Miss Nightingale" that she's fine, and that unless there are monsters under Rory's bed, there's no need for Lorelai to spend the night at Yale. Also, that might be filed under "the most pathetic thing you can do post-breakup." The ground is wet, and I'm wondering if they were filming this episode during the constant rain we've been having since Michel lost Paw Paw at the inn. Lorelai tells Rory she's been dumped before. "Not with Luke," Rory points out. Lorelai swears she's cool, and not just because she was sitting at that table. They kiss goodbye and Lorelai leaves, pushing the "strummy-strummy-segue" button on her way out.

Stac(e)y: I want ice cream. Lorelai and Rory were eating it and talking about how it was cold and so is ice cream and it was kind of long so I wish you had just seen it because I can't remember all of it! I heart Naked!Marty. I lurve him with all my squee. And oh! Poor Lorelai, getting dumped by Luke. Ouch! She can come to my house and watch television. I hope she likes Gilmore Girls! ;-) Rory said, "Not by Luke." Ow! Does anyone know where I can buy Lorelai's orange hat?

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