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Rory walks back into the common room and tells Paris they're going. She walks past Doyle, who's holding the biggest Costco bag of potato chips of all time. The prop department was like, "Okay. You need a flyer about bi-curious Polynesian students, a container of lipstick, and a giganto bag of potato chips all in the first two minutes of the episode? Awesome. I'll just stay late. Do you want potato chips, or can we make a big bag of cheese puffs?" The prop department couldn't decide, so they call the chips "Snap N'," which doesn't really explain if they're chips, puffs, or pretzels, but bag is fashioned after the Lay's logo, I'm making the assumption. Forgive me. Okay, I just froze the TiVo and slo-mo'ed it so I could read "Potato Chips." This is officially More Info Than You Need. Paris stops Lorelai to tell her that she's there if Lorelai wants to talk about her breakup. Hey, maybe she could loan Lorelai her life coach, like how Logan tossed Rory his driver Frank last time. Paris adds that she'd like to have the heart-to-heart before Tuesday, because she's doing a paper for her Emotional Mental Health class on how women "of a certain age" cope with loneliness, and Lorelai's the perfect age for the paper. Rory resignedly stares at the ground. "You can't take her," she tells Lorelai. "She's trained in Krav Maga. Lorelai curses, and says goodbye to Paris as we go to opening credits.

Stac(e)y: I'm such a total Paroyle shipper, but what was up with Paris asking for Lorelai's luv details?!? Um, nosy much? Did anyone catch what Rory said about Paris at the end of the scene, right before the opening credits (Old Person Singing Alert!LOL!). It sounded like she said Paris had crabs! I hope that's not true, or Doyle's gonna need to go to a pharmacy!! Anyway, two minutes in and not one moment that wasn't absolutely perfect. Yay! I love me this show!!!!!1!

Yale cafeteria. Lorelai calls Rory "Ace," and asks where the cool kids sit. Rory informs her mother, not unsnottily, that at Yale, there are no cliques and "cool kids" sections. Perhaps because there are no cool kids. Nerds! Rich nerds! Wealthy, successful nerds who will go on to own houses and fancy cars! Why don't happy somewhere and...not...need me to do anything for you? Lorelai wants to know where the geeks, stoners, and Plastics sit. Perhaps Lorelai should have visited Rory at school sometime in the past two years. Lorelai thinks Yale's pretty hippie, what with the lack of cliques and hatred. Rory says it's just like Haight-Ashbury, "except the tie-dye's done by Prada." Rory tells her mother not to sit at the table she's at. Not because it's inhabited by dorks, but because it's got a draft. Lorelai calls her daughter "Grandma," and suggests she gets a shawl. Rory holds up a school-marmy finger and says one good cold can set you back a month's worth of studying. Lorelai changed that sentence in her head to include the word "partying," because it's important for her self-image to pretend she didn't raise such a goody-goody dork of a daughter. Aw, enjoy when Rory's prudish and innocent. It comes so rarely these days.

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