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Luke finally notices the bright pink and blue garage. "What the hell am I looking at?" he asks. Lorelai calls it her special alone space. Seriously, the woman is a child. It looks like Jem's First Efficiency Apartment. Luke gets in a zinger: "Oh, yeah? Well, you got a whole house of special alone space." Dude! Best Lorelai dis of all time. I'm making you a trophy, Luke. Luke asks if she's going to hang out in her garage now. Lorelai says it's not like she has a boat that needs storage anymore. Luke suggests that she park her car in here. Lorelai doesn't want to park her car in her garage, because how else will she get it covered in snow and need Luke's help? Lorelai shouts and whines that she came home to this big, empty space so she thought she'd do something nice so it wasn't a "giant hole of depression sitting here." Luke says he was doing Lorelai a favor getting rid of the boat, as it was her garage. Lorelai, ready with the retort, spits, "Whatever!" Might as well have flashed him a "W" while you're at it, Lorelai. Luke asks if he was supposed to leave the boat in here forever. Lorelai drips with sarcasm as she tells him it's much better to park it out on the town square like a giant "They-Broke-Up Billboard." Lorelai really cares what the town thinks about their breakup. Luke says he didn't mean it like that. Lorelai doesn't know how he meant it. Luke says he can't believe Lorelai is mad at him for getting his boat out of her garage (dirty!). Lorelai says she's mad because he didn't tell her and she had to come home and find it gone and it proves that life exists when she's not in the room, and that's really scary for her: "You just snuck in and took it." She found out by driving by the diner: "You know what? It doesn't matter. Because it's done. We're done. It's fine." She says she's not mad, but she has dresses to make, so she'll see Luke later at the theater. Fade to commercial as Luke looks down, sufficiently chastised.

Stac(e)y: Copper boom! I couldn't stop crying throughout this entire scene because they love each other so much. And Lorelai was so hurt. Luke was so mean to her. He was YELLING at her because of his stupid boat from his dead dad (not that it's not sad when dads die. Was it sad when your dad died, Pamie?). Ugh, this scene was soooooooo sad. I just watched it again in slow-mo, and I transcribed it on IM with the Luke_Lover_76CaLi and we wanted to squee but it was so hard to squee through our tears. But we did it.

Rory is draped across her platonic friend Marty's lap. Marty announces he's going to say something that will upset the entire world. He thinks the I Love Lucy episode with Harpo Marx was lame. I look outside: planet still spinning. Guess we're okay for now. Marty complains that there's no way Harpo would have thought he was looking into a mirror and the last time they made that popping up from behind the partition move she was totally slower than him. Hey, Marty. You need a job recapping? You got the skills and disdain we encourage here at And Al Lowe's going to want a Deadwood sub as soon as she starts getting hate mail like, "Your just jealous that you're not a whore in the old West. If you hate the show so much, why do you own a television?" Marty continues complaining about Lucy episodes until Rory flirts that he has to stop watching that show. There's a knock at the door. Marty says he hopes it's Paris. Not a chance, buddy. Rory compares Marty to Tom Hanks. It's Logan, who I'm surprised knocks at all. Now, even I knew that Logan was coming back today and had made a sex date with Rory, so it's a little weird that Rory even plays it coy, unless she wanted Logan to see she was there with Marty. Logan's got the gang waiting in the car to go get Chinese food (didn't Rory and Logan just eat everything ever invented, with a wasabi chaser?), and asks Marty to come along so he can get to know him without leaving a tip in his jar. Marty's awkwardly like, "I wasn't kissing her, I was just thinking about it." Logan goes to wait in the car, and unbelievably Rory's asking Marty if they can go. Marty knows Rory wants to, and for some reason he's willing to put himself through this humiliation of going with her. Rory promises they can leave if it gets weird. Logan and his friends publicly humiliated Marty the last time they were all together. You think Marty's in the mood to share their dim sum? Rory runs to get her coat before Marty can say, "I guess." Movie's off, Marty's pride is ditched, and Rory gets her way yet again.

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