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Paris storms into the room to yell at Rory for kicking Doyle out of the room: "You insulted him. You demeaned him. You made him feel unwelcome." Rory says he was unwelcome. Paris is holding a packed suitcase, furious that she now has to stay the night in Doyle's disgusting place, where he has roommates and things that grow on windowsills without the help of soil or pots. There's the faint smell of sweatsocks and starter cologne at all times and she has to bring her own toilet paper, "because it is a third world country." Paris storms out, thanking Rory for everything. It's great to have Paris back again. Rory hands Marty a Pepsi. Marty says he really did miss this place.

Stac(e)y: Yay, Paris! I hope she gets her own spin-off. Oh, there's a new recap for The O.C.. I'm gonna go write Djb and tell him how much he sucks. He might have forgotten since last week. I hate TWoP, don't you? They're so smug. And their recaps are sooooo long! It takes me all day to read them and I hate every word! Ugh! And they're so mean over there. They just hate on things just to hate, I think. They should just all go die (but not really because it's not nice to tell people to die). I think they're st*p1d, tho. I mean, they didn't like Angel and they don't recap Firefly! Dumb!

Luke congratulates Damon on his excellent countersunk screw: "Your lesbian mother will be proud." Luke asks Lulu again when the grown-ups are getting there. "They'll be here," she says. Luke says she's been telling him that for days, and he's still the only person there who doesn't have to hang his sheets out the window in the mornings. He has to explain that pee joke to poor Lu...and me. Here's why: if you wet your bed, Luke? Throw the sheets in the wash. Please don't hang them out the window to dry and then use them again. Maybe you do need a woman around the house. Who made Lulu's jacket? It is loud. She promises Luke there will be plenty of grown-ups for him to talk to by the evening. But for Luke, this is just about one specific grown-up. Kirk interrupts to tell Luke they have a problem. The dairy cart Luke made is too perfect. It's too good. It's too twenty-first century. It doesn't have any problems, nor is it heavy. It doesn't work with Kirk's method acting. Three, two...Luke kicks the wheel, the cart sinks on one side, and Luke tells Kirk to thank him in his acceptance speech. Kirk is ecstatic. "Hey!" he cheers as he tries to pull it. "This is impossible!"

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