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Hello, hello. Many thanks to Pamie for stepping in on recaplet duty when I became ensnared in what can only be described as a TiVo Hostage Crisis last week. I had to make an emergency call to her when I strolled in from a long work trip, just as GG was ending and I did not see the friendly recording light shining from the box. This is the one instance where having a friend in a time zone three hours behind mine was actually a good thing. Something is up with my TiVo -- the power supply, or something? For which the recommended Internet remedy is: 1) order a new power supply; 2) PRY OPEN your TIVO and perform complex engineering rituals which could result in BURNING DOWN your HOUSE. Needless to say, that won't be happening. Other measures have been taken. In any case, big ups to Pamie, Wing and Miss Alli, all of whom had to rally 'round in a team effort to save the day. ["Leave no man behind!" -- Miss Alli]

On the sidewalk in Stars Hollow, Lorelai steels herself before purposefully striding into Luke's Diner for the first time in months. Running straight into an irritating conversation with Kirk, she probably immediately regrets it. By way of greeting, he insists that she will not get her regular stool back at the counter, because he now knows that it is the best seat in the house based on its proximity to the register and access to Luke. When he goes into a spiel about its excellent position between two air vents, Lorelai tells Kirk he can have the seat. Luke tries to look nonchalant when he steps to the counter to offer her some coffee. She nervously orders it "to stay" and must endure the gauntlet of Miss Patty, Babette, and Kirk reviewing the many months that have passed since she's been in. Luke returns with the coffee and the fun continues -- they can't seem to shake the awkwardness of talking to each other (although they've had several conversations already, right, including last week's apology?) and after some preliminaries, they jump straight to weather chat. You know, detractors are always saying how there is no chemistry between these two -- I said it, myself, during the dark times of last season when no one had chemistry with anybody because the episodes were like an anti-chemical mixture of blech and blah-- but I found them very charming together in this episode. It's uncomfortable, though, and Lorelai quickly bails, taking her coffee to go after all. Outside the diner, she looks relived to have escaped.

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