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Oh, man, is this a good episode.

Previously: Rory didn't like the fact that Jess has a girlfriend. Lorelai didn't like the fact that Christopher's girlfriend is pregnant, but Emily hated it even more. Rory picked Dean.

Friday dinner. Lorelai fidgets as Rory tries to make small talk with Emily. The mood? Icy. Rory says, "Well, this is nice, isn't it?" Lorelai pouts. Rory asks Emily if Richard is traveling. Emily curtly replies that he is. Rory says that business must be doing well for him, then. She segues into Lorelai's job, making the comment, "I mean, not that it's without its problems, you know." It's very endearing. She tells Lorelai to tell Emily the story about the mouse. The Inn has a mouse, a fact that Emily finds quite disgusting. She asks whether the Inn is clean. Lorelai points out that the Inn is surrounded by nature, where mice live, so they have a field mouse running through the lobby these days. Emily gives Lorelai a rundown on exterminators and mice traps, explaining that the Inn will reek of rotted rat if Lorelai doesn't do something about it soon. Lorelai repeatedly says she has it covered. Emily takes a second before saying she doesn't understand why Lorelai is the one sitting there with the attitude when Emily's the one who should be upset. Lorelai asks if they can not talk about it. Emily reminds Lorelai that Lorelai's the one who walked out of dinner last week without saying a word. "Because I couldn't get a word in," Lorelai explains. Emily says that she and Richard were shocked and upset and needed a few minutes to let the news sink in. "Please. Find the off switch," Lorelai begs Rory. Lorelai says it's all over and they should move on. "We came here to have a nice evening, so...come on. Let's have it." Lorelai grabs the newspaper from the table in front of her and begins to read. "Something smells good," Rory smiles. "Braised lamb shank," Emily says matter-of-factly. Braised Lamb Shank is going to be the name of my cat's spoken word album. Rory goes on about how great braised lamb shank is. Emily scolds Lorelai for reading in front of other people. Lorelai reads aloud the article that got her attention: apparently a girl she knew in high school killed her husband. Shauna Christy -- a good girl, in Emily's opinion -- found her husband in bed with the nanny, so she shot him. According to Lorelai, Shauna shot the man thirty-five times and he now looks like a "sprinkler system." As Emily reads over the article, I have to many times do you have to reload a gun to shoot it thirty-five times? And nobody in the neighborhood came by to see what's going on? Nobody stopped her? Isn't it difficult to shoot someone thirty-five times? In Hartford? ["Maybe they had a big country estate and no one was around. I think we're supposed to think Lorelai's school friends are rich." -- Wing Chun] Emily points out that at least Shauna had a husband to kill. Lorelai looks at Rory pointedly and says, "This is nice. Isn't it?"

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