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Fight For Your Right To Be Laaaaaazay!
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The moon glows above Twickham House as Lorelai and Sookie stand contemplating its grandeur. "It's big," Lorelai says, sighing. Sookie: "That's what she said." Lorelai flatly responds "good one," in answer to which Sookie can only justify herself with "Hey, I'm still twelve." Hee. All of a sudden, I really miss Pamie. They talk a little about how sweet Luke was to have this dream of him and Lorelai living in the Twickham House and how it's so big, Lorelai could have a dedicated sewing room. "Are you kidding?" she says. "I could put a whole loom in one of those rooms -- indulge my long-harbored desire to make tapestries." Except, see, the house is really big. Maybe too big. "A little on the Versailles side," says Lorelai. "I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for peasants with pitchforks." Sookie, on the other hand, is keeping a look out for any sign that Lorelai is going to bolt from her engagement with Luke. "Yes, Sookie," Lorelai assures her, "it's sticking." Sookie says she had to ask, seeing as Lorelai has priors and all: "You say one thing, but your heart says another." Lorelai sighs again. "Please," she says, "don't give me the whole litany -- especially one that sounds so much like a Kenny Chesney song." Good point, seeing as how he doesn't seem to know too much about how to have a successful marriage, either. Sookie says she's glad Lorelai's committed, because if she does decide to bolt, "the eyes will give you away. If you're thinking of bolting, they'll pop out on you like that Runaway Bride. It's like the eyes are trying to run away first." Very funny AND significant for the following reasons: 1) Sookie is awesome; 2) The Runaway Bride worked out her community-service commitment by cutting grass in the town in which I live; and 3) we will soon come to find that Rory ALSO does her community service on the side of the road (not like that!). Now, tell me, y'all...coincidence? Well, yes. You're probably right. In answer to Sookie's concern, Lorelai has her friend look at her eyes to see that they are "pretty socked in there." Sookie says she's glad, and that Lorelai has pretty eyes. Lorelai: "I'm taken." They look at the house again, and Sookie says she thinks it just got bigger. "That's what she said," Lorelai cracks, and we go to commercial, never to see Sookie again.

In a nondescript room of some official nature, Connecticut's least-hardened criminals sit to receive instruction on fulfilling their obligation to society. The camera pans across the first row, containing the following individuals: Robert Smith from The Cure; Shirley from What's Happening; the drummer from System of a Down; some moody chick attempting to simultaneously rock the Joan Jett AND Pat Benatar looks; and Rory, looking for all the world like Winona Ryder, post-Saks incident. Those assembled listen to all the rules, and the list of things they are not to bring when paying their debt to society: rope, knives, brass knuckles and, my favorite, "anything that can be used as a truncheon." Rory looks worried.

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