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After seven seasons, Gilmore Girls has set sail for good, to be remembered in syndication and, of course, on the internet. As much as the cast is probably looking forward to some time off, they have to think about their futures as well, lest they wind up looking back on this as the moment it all went horribly wrong (not that we're predicting that this will happen to anyone, because we're sure it won't). But who will fare well after the farewell, and who had better be clipping coupons? Name: Lauren Graham Age: 40 Occupation: Actor; former show-killer Non-Gilmore Experience: 16 movies; countless NBC sitcoms Assessment: The best news for Lauren Graham, who visited and usually killed innumerable sitcoms in the late 1990s before Lorelai came along, is her upcoming role in Evan Almighty, letting her boat be lifted by the Steve Carell tide. Sure, she used to be Paula Marshall's second-in-show-killing, but she's probably moved beyond doing another regular show, at least right away. In fact, Graham is well positioned for a run at Warmly Funny And Not In Her Twenties Leading Lady, sliding into the spot that's currently just exceeding the grasp of Diane Lane. Or, come to think of it, Jennifer Aniston. Assets: We're intrigued that she decided to be in the somewhat controversial Bad Santa while starring in a family-oriented drama. Liabilities: She also chose to be in The Pacifier. Current approximate level of fame: Lisa Kudrow Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Gilmore: Jennifer Aniston Name: Alexis Bledel (b. Kimberly Alexis Bledel) Age: 25 Occupation: Actor; whiner Non-Gilmore Experience: 9 movies, most of which you haven't heard of Assessment: It sounds weird to say "The good news is that she's about to star in Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2," but it's very true of Alexis Bledel. Although she was part of a great ensemble on Gilmore Girls, it's hard to know how well that nervous talking thing she does is going to play in any other setting, so it's good that she has a franchise to work on for now. She's managed to get through seven seasons as a pretty young actress without doing almost anything else that got her any attention, and she may have failed to capitalize on her moment. Assets: She's no longer dating Milo Ventimiglia. Liabilities: Mumblemouth.

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