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The Blame Game

Outside the mansion, Rory brags that her night with Richard -- he made frozen pizza on a cedar plank, which means he grilled a frozen pizza, which would be weird, to say the least -- was fantastic, and that she totally got her grandparents together again. Lorelai admits that hers wasn't as successful, since Emily is now planning on dating lots of men. Rory yells at her mother for screwing up their mission. Lorelai blames Rory for making her have dinner alone in the first place. "I said, 'Are you getting back with Dad,' and she said he wouldn't butter her roll." Lorelai apologizes, kinda. Rory accuses her of not trying. Lorelai promises that she did try, but that she sucked at it. She figures Emily didn't mean it -- that she was mad at Richard and was just talking: "Next week we'll switch. You can have dinner with my mother and I'll marry Dad off to a nice baroness." Lorelai tells Rory not to hate her. "I don't hate you," Rory says. "I can't hate the pathetic." Lorelai complains that she didn't get to spend the evening with Rory due to Rory's dumb plans. She invites Rory over for lunch at the Dragonfly. That will be difficult, seeing as how they cancelled lunch a few indeterminate time periods ago. Rory drives off in her damn Prius.

Christopher is getting the grand tour of the Dragonfly. He's only slightly condescending, commenting on the squeaky stairs and the fact that she bothered to have rooms at her inn. No help from your palimony, assface. Lorelai and Christopher discuss the dirty bobbleheads Lorelai has displayed on the mantle. I won't even begin to try to understand, but once Chris mentions the jukebox sitting next to the fireplace, I realize that it's possible Lorelai is a hoarder. I found a place, Lor, that wants to help. It's in Hartford! ["Hee hee, I saw that Oprah too." -- Wing Chun]

Lorelai can't shut up about how great the food is as she talks through Christopher's reading of the menu. It's not like Christopher has ever had trouble making decisions in the past. Sitting behind us in the coffee shop is a group of friends chit-chatting about playing bocce and the latest project they're in the middle of writing. Djb and I realized: they're us, but clean, without a recap due in a few hours. They're us with freedom. And the other me? She's wearing a really nice sweater I don't own. As Lorelai finishes explaining the process of brining, Chris gives her the smitten look. He tells Lorelai how awesome it is that she got her own inn, just like she always wanted. Lorelai gets smug: "Yeah, I think I did." By the way, if you're done using that chair, Chris, please stand up. They're selling the furniture to make the mortgage this month. Chris tells Lorelai that he's proud of her. Lorelai -- who apparently needs affection and approval more from Chris than she does from anyone else in her life -- beams with pride. Rory shows up, but stops cold when she sees Christopher sitting at the table. "Hey, Rory," Christopher says. "Hey, Dad," Rory says, punching the word "Dad" like Sophia Coppola just before she crumbles on the steps. Lorelai reminds us all that there's a baby in the room. Rory sort of pokes at Gigi, and asks if Gigi remembers her. Christopher awkwardly says he shows Gigi pictures of Rory. Oh, gee. That's fantastic. Way to formulate a wonderful sister bond, there, Chris. Lorelai asks Christopher if this is a nice surprise. Rory pointedly says that she likes to see Gigi. Why Lorelai isn't picking up on this, I do not know. But she's totally clueless, chattering away, as Rory and Christopher stare at each other awkwardly. Someone pulls Lorelai away to help with a work situation. Lorelai leaves, requesting that her lunch companions not say anything hilarious while she's gone. Don't worry.

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