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The Blame Game

Lorelai made popcorn. The phone rings, but she's too busy reading the back of the DVD she's about to watch. Even her answering machine message (and maybe get with the '00s, Lor, and splurge on voicemail) is impatient and snippy. The phone call is from Christopher. He asks if she's there. He says he's calling because lunch ended badly, and if she talked to Rory she knows that it totally wasn't his fault. He asks her to call. Lorelai instead turns off the light and waltzes upstairs to watch Strummy-Strummy-La-La: The Third Act Resolution.

Emily gets home from her great date. Can Richard see her from the pool house? At the door, Emily and Simon giggle and decide to do this again sometime. They handshake a "good night."

Emily enters her house. Once the door shuts, she stops. Her smile fades. Emily weeps in her empty house, sad that her life has changed so much in such a short period of time, feeling lost and lonely in having to start over. Happy Thanskgiving, America!

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