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The Blame Game

Lorelai asks Rory what's up. Rory asks if Lorelai really did call Chris first. She did, and this confuses Rory. She tells Lorelai that she told Chris to stay away "a while ago." Lorelai acts like she can't figure out why Rory would ever do something like that. Rory says she didn't want Chris to screw up anything Lorelai has going on with Luke. Lorelai gives a very condescending "Ugh. Kid. You are so far off here. That is not going to happen." Rory has been called "kid" twice in two minutes. Rory tells her mother that every time Chris shows up, he screws up Lorelai's life. Lorelai, queen of denial, says that's not true. Rory recaps five years of Christopher, including the pregnancy and Max. Lorelai says that Christopher had nothing to do with Max. Rory reminds her of the phone call she made to Christopher from her bachelorette party. Rory knows way too much about her mother's life. Lorelai says she was so wasted at that party that she tried to drunk-dial Abe Vigoda. Rory says that Lorelai's always waiting for Christopher to get his life together. Lorelai admits that she might have wanted, in the past, to be with her baby's daddy, but that right now she's with Luke, "completely." Rory asks what Luke said when Lorelai told him about seeing Christopher. Lorelai, always a shitty liar, stammers that he was fine with it because Lorelaiand Chris are such great buds. Lorelai tells Rory that she's good. They order lunch. And speaking of lunch, if you want something quick when you're on the go, try -- ah, forget it.

Lorelai and Sookie walk through town. Lorelai tells Sookie that Rory was really serious, like the time she saw The Way We Were. Lorelai is upset that she lied to her kid. As if this is something new. Sookie asks if there's a weird reason Lorelai didn't tell Luke -- that he'd get jealous. Lorelai says there wasn't. "He did beat up a car," Sookie reminds her. I can't find that episode. Lorelai realizes that she should have told Luke about Christopher. "Now he's gonna think I'm hiding something from him, and I'm not! Dammit, he's gonna beat up my car." Jackson is freaking out because he found a gigantic pair of scissors on his doorstep. Maybe Gob's inside. Luke says it's a threat, a horse head in the bed from the town because he said there wouldn't be any ribbon-cutting ceremonies. When Jackson goes on to say that he's never having a town meeting, Lorelai tries to cut off his head, too. She will not have her townie fun thwarted by this grumpy guy. Lorelai chalks it up to sympathy mood swings. "He loves me," Sookie sings.

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