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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Luke's. Lorelai has just somehow gotten upstairs, where Luke lives. Rachel answers the door. Rachel says that Lorelai got her message. Lorelai says that answering machines still work. Rachel invites her in. She wants to show Lorelai the pictures of the Dragonfly she just developed. Lorelai looks around and says she's never been in Luke's apartment before. Rachel asks how long they've known each other. Lorelai says that they've known each other for years, but that their relationship tends to consist of arguments over how much coffee Lorelai is allowed to drink. Rachel offers a tour, opens her arms, and says, " it." Lorelai says that it's not how she pictured it. She then stammers that she doesn't sit around picturing what Luke's place looks like, but that it's just different from the way she would have imagined it if she were the kind of person to imagine it. Lorelai runs her hand down some curtains and says, "Nice touch." Rachel says that they aren't hers, and that Luke hung the curtains. Lorelai says she will commence curtain teasing immediately. Rachel stiffly tells Lorelai to have a seat. Lorelai says they're living in "pretty tight quarters." Rachel says that this place was originally Luke's dad's office, so it was never meant for people to live in. Lorelai asks whether Rachel thinks they might get a bigger place. Rachel says she doesn't think so. Lorelai stumbles that of course they'd want a small place, because that's romantic. Rachel says it's actually because she's not sure she's going to stay in Stars Hollow much longer. She says she can't make Luke believe that she really wants to stay this time. Lorelai says that Rachel just has to keep telling him until he believes her. Rachel says she's given him no reason to believe her so far. Lorelai asks whether Rachel's told him she's thinking of leaving. Rachel hasn't. Lorelai asks whether she's going to tell him. Rachel says she doesn't know; she's trying to make everything good, but she feels like everyone in the town is just waiting for her to screw up. Lorelai says that's not true. "Miss Patty?" Rachel asks. "Oh, well, yeah," Lorelai says. It's not just Miss Patty. Everyone reading this recap is just waiting for Rachel to screw up. I mean, how hard was it for CuteDean to date Rory? Wait a everyone in Stars Hollow single? I don't think Jackson lives in Stars Hollow, so he doesn't count. But if they aren't single, we never see them together as a couple. Even Grampa's been gone for weeks, and he doesn't even live there. This town is a bit scary, huh? Rachel says she feels like she doesn't have a friend in the world. Lorelai says that if Rachel can French-braid hair, Lorelai will be her friend. Rachel doesn't even offer to try to learn, and just says that she can't. Lorelai's all, "Oh." So, no friendship there. Rachel says she can't find the pictures, and guesses they're in the bathroom. Lorelai mutters that she doesn't want to know why they'd be in there. Rachel then does the unthinkable and asks Lorelai to say nice things about her to Luke so that maybe he'll believe her when she says she wants to stay. Rachel knows that Lorelai is holding Luke back from her, so if she gets Lorelai to push him to her, then she doesn't have to worry anymore. See? This is why we hate Rachel. Lorelai says she'll do it if it "comes up." Rachel leaves. Lorelai thinks, "Why do I do stupid things like that?"

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