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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Emily and Rory walk into the front lobby of the Inn. Rory asks what Emily thinks. Emily says she thinks it's very nice. Rory starts babbling about all of the places inside the inn that Emily needs to see. Emily asks whether Rory spends lots of time at the inn. Rory says she works there a couple of afternoons a week, and that she helps out with special occasions. Rory says she'll find Lorelai. Emily says she doesn't want to bother her, but Rory says that Lorelai would want to say hi. She walks over to Michel and asks where Lorelai is. "Off with her boyfriend," he replies. "What boyfriend?" Rory asks. "Small, dark, wanted in four states," Michel clarifies. Rory introduces Emily. Michel and Emily start speaking to each other in French. They are both charmed and happy to talk about Paris. ["The city, not the girl." -- Wing Chun] Rory interrupts and says they should go find Lorelai. "What a charming man!" Emily smiles to Rory. "Um. Okay," Rory says. I love how Emily is bonding with all of the difficult people of Stars Hollow. Lorelai walks out and is stunned to see Emily. "It's quite a place you've got here," Emily says. Lorelai mumbles that it's not really her place, and that she just works there, which is strange. Normally Lorelai is quick to point out that she doesn't just work at an inn, but that she runs the inn, which comes with more responsibility and nobility. Emily tells Lorelai they had lunch at "Teriyaki Joe's." Lorelai says she can't picture Emily inside that place. She looks down and sees Emily's tennis shoes. "What's up, working girl?" Lorelai sasses. Emily says she hopes Lorelai doesn't mind that she borrowed her shoes and socks. Lorelai says she wishes she had a camera, but that she doesn't mind Emily's borrowing them. Rory excuses them so that they can finish their tour of the inn. Lorelai walks over to Michel. "I just love your mother!" he smiles. Lorelai sneers.

Outside the inn, Rory is walking Emily past a pond. She points out where the tennis courts are and such. "And this is my favorite place," Rory says. Emily laughs, "A tool shed?" "No, this is where we used to live," Rory says. Emily is not laughing anymore. Rory opens the door and says she knows it looks small, but that it's really pretty. Emily stands in the doorway as Rory walks around the tiny room showing how she and Lorelai lived together there. She points out the spot where the bed was, and the curtain Lorelai put around the bathtub for privacy. She says they used to sit outside at night to listen to the music from the parties at the inn. Emily looks breathless. She turns around and stumbles out of the house. Rory follows her, calling her name: "Did something happen? Are you sick? Is it the teriyaki?" Emily says that it's getting late and she has to go. She walks away. I never really understand how people in television shows and movies can always just run away from a situation or a place. I don't think I've ever left someone somewhere because suddenly I didn't feel like being there anymore. Do people really do that? Rune walks up and tells Rory that he's living there now. Rory is still concerned about Emily as we fade to black.

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