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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

MamaLane: No.
Emily: I thought it was missing an inlay.
MamaLane: Perfect condition!
Emily: How much?
MamaLane: Thirty-five hundred for the pair.
Emily: You must be joking!
MamaLane: No. No joke.

Rory and Lane slowly walk up to watch the smackdown.

Emily: Well, they're nice, but they're certainly not that nice.
MamaLane: Not a better pair on the East Coast.
Emily: Two thousand.
MamaLane: You're from Hartford.
Emily: Yes.
MamaLane: Ah.
Emily: It hardly matters where I'm from. I know these pieces are overpriced.
MamaLane: Look on the bottom.
Emily: They're not signed.
MamaLane: Look on the bottom.
Emily: Are they signed?
MamaLane: Look on the bottom!

Emily leans down and looks.

MamaLane: They're signed.
Emily: How do I know that's authentic?
MamaLane: You have my word.
Emily: And a letter of authentication?
MamaLane: That too.
Lane: It's like watching the Williams sisters.
Rory: I wish we had some popcorn.
Emily: I won't take it.
MamaLane: Then someone else will!
Emily: Eventually, maybe.
MamaLane: I can wait.
Emily: So can I.
MamaLane: That's my last offer.
Emily: I'll think about it.
MamaLane: I'll waive the tax.
Emily: And throw in delivery.
MamaLane: [sighing] We appreciate your business.

Great scene.

Outside the shop, Emily smiles and says she really likes MamaLane. She adds that she really likes the tennis shoes. Rory says that Emily is becoming "one of us," which sounds way too scary. Emily goes on, saying she loves the street.

Independence Inn. Michel is groaning. Rune walks up and asks Michel to tell him where his room is. Michel gives Rune the once-over and asks if he's sure he's in the right place: "Perhaps you want the YMCA or the local bus station?" Rune: "Do you speak English?" Ha. Michel asks whether Rune has a reservation, and Rune says he works at the inn. Michel walks behind the counter, laughing. He says that they have standards at the Independence Inn, and that even if they were "much, much lower," Rune wouldn't have a chance. Rune says that he knows Lorelai, and that he used to date her. Michel finds this tidbit of information entertaining. Rune tells Michel not to spread that around, because he's not proud of it. Rune calls Michel "rude" and Michel calls Rune "teeny-tiny-man." Lorelai walks up at this point and tells Michel that Rune is going to be their new handyman. "Go build us another statue," Rune says to Michel. Michel asks Lorelai whether she used to date Rune. Lorelai says they didn't date, they just went out one night. This isn't helping Michel at all, and Lorelai says she'll explain the whole thing to him later. "Oh, I cannot wait," Michel Frenches. Lorelai tells Rune to follow her to his living quarters. Rune calls Michel "the bellboy" and asks him to carry his suitcases. Lorelai tells Michel to relax and says that she'll carry the bags. As Rune leaves, Michel stares with the stink-eye.

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