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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Pan up on Rory and Emily walking through Stars Hollow. Emily is sporting tennis shoes and socks. "I feel ridiculous," she whines. Rory tells her that she looks comfortable. Emily says that people are staring. Rory says it's because she looks great. Emily says that it's a shame Richard couldn't be there to see her and fall in love with her all over again.

They enter Kim's Antiques, and Emily says they must have entered through the storeroom. Rory assures her that they're in the shop. As Emily complains that you couldn't possibly find anything in the mess, she instantly finds something she loves. Rory points out another piece of furniture and comments on how pretty it is. Emily agrees. Rory asks whether it's "something special." "Do you like it?" Emily asks. "Yeah," Rory says. "Then it's something special," Emily smiles. Lane walks up at this point, and Rory introduces her to Emily. "I've heard a lot about you," Emily tells her. Lane says it's nice to meet Emily, and asks to talk to Rory for a second. Emily tells them to go and talk because she has lots of looking to do.

Lane and Rory walk away from Emily. Lane says there's a problem: it's been a week since the party, and Henry still hasn't called. I'm going to ignore the time line problem here. Lane says that Henry might have a tiny, perfect, Korean girlfriend that his parents approve of. Rory says that Lane is a tiny, perfect Korean girl that Henry's parents would approve of. Lane says that Henry's parents would know that she listens to the wrong music and that she wishes she could be a blonde without looking like an idiot. Lane says that she's fine, and that he's just not going to call her. She'll be okay and she'll go off to college and be fine: "Unless my parents get their way and then it's, 'I take thee, Jesus, to be my lawful wedded husband.'" Hee. Rory: "Lane, with all due respect to your fiancé, Henry will call." Rory points out that Henry talked to Lane all night long and followed her around wherever she went and kept asking her to dance, so of course he likes her and of course he's going to call. Lane is all giggles and smiles. Rory says that Henry wouldn't have asked Lane to dance six times just because she's a good dancer; as much as it hurts Rory to say and as much as Rory loves her, Lane is not a good dancer. Lane thanks Rory for being such a good friend.

MamaLane is telling Emily that the piece she's admiring is made of four different kinds of wood.

Emily: Is it missing an inlay?

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