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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Inside the house, Rory asks whether Emily's shoes are okay. Emily admits that they are just a bit muddy. Rory asks for them and says she has a great cleaner that will get off all of the mud. Emily gives her the shoes. Rory offers to make Emily some tea. Emily accepts. As Rory goes to clean the shoes, Emily opens the refrigerator door and is shocked at how empty it is. Rory says she knows it's "a bit sparse." Emily says that it's The Grapes of Wrath. Rory says that they eat just fine. Emily asks whether they even have plates. Rory says that they do. Emily pulls a plate from the cabinet. Rory explains that they're Charlie's Angels plates, and says how hard it is to buy plates featuring Farrah or Tanya Roberts. Emily says that she was silly for worrying, and puts the plate back. Rory has finished cleaning Emily's shoes. Emily asks what Rory used to clean them. Rory says that they bought the cleaner after they saw it in an infomercial. She goes on about the other things the cleaner can do. "Well, isn't that nice," Emily smiles. Rory says that she can give Emily a walking tour of the town by starting at Kim's Antiques, since that takes them by all of the important spots. Emily says that she doesn't think she wore the right shoes to go walking around all day. Rory says that she can borrow a pair of Lorelai's. Emily resists and says she doesn't want to wear a pair of Lorelai's shoes. Rory says that Emily will miss the "true Stars Hollow experience" if she doesn't walk. Hasn't Emily been in Stars Hollow before? I mean, I know she's at least been inside this house and met CuteDean and Sookie and a few other people. ["She's been to the house (that we've seen), but she hasn't been around town or even to the Inn (that we've seen)." -- Wing Chun] Rory runs upstairs to get some shoes, and Emily declares: "All right, but I won't wear anything with rhinestones or zebra stripes or anything that has batteries or that sings or make animal noises or moves on its own." Rory says she understands.

At the abandoned Dragonfly Inn, Rachel and Lorelai are in awe over the empty building the town forgot. Lorelai says that it must have been something when it was all fixed up and nice. Rachel asks what Lorelai's fascination is with the building. Lorelai tells her that she and Sookie have been thinking about opening up their own place together, but that, right now, they're still saving up. Rachel asks whether they're close. Lorelai says that they aren't even close to being close. Rachel asks whether Lorelai always wanted to own an inn. Lorelai admits that she really just wanted to own a red Camaro when Rory appeared on the scene. Lorelai says that it's a pretty new idea, actually. She asks whether Rachel always wanted to be a photographer. Rachel says that she wanted any job that required her to be anywhere but where she grew up. "Oh! That was you in the other room!" Lorelai shouts. Rachel says that she likes it because it requires her to move constantly. Lorelai says that it sounds exciting. Rachel says that it is, but that now that she's in Stars Hollow, she's thinking about settling down. Planting some roots. She wants to get serious with Luke. She tells Lorelai that it's "pretty damn scary." Lorelai, scared, agrees as we fade to black.

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