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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Lorelai slams into the kitchen and over to Sookie. Sookie starts gushing about all of the great food she made for Lorelai that she likes so much. Lorelai asks why Rune is in the lobby. Sookie says that Rune is still staying with Jackson. Lorelai says that she thought it was only for a weekend. "The lost weekend," Sookie moans. She says that Rune won't leave Jackson's house, and that it's driving her crazy. Jackson won't kick Rune out because Rune's family and Jackson feels responsible. Lorelai says that Jackson should meet Rune, since it might change his opinion of him. Sookie says that Rune had a rough childhood, and that his entire family doesn't talk to him. She says that Jackson is determined to stand by Rune, so she has to respect his decision. Lorelai asks why Rune's in the lobby. Sookie says that she doesn't know; she's about to keep talking, but she's interrupted by Jackson's walking into the kitchen, beaming. He brought fresh strawberries for Lorelai. He also made her some jam. Sookie stands behind Lorelai and starts gesturing frantically for Jackson to stop talking; he keeps smiling and babbling on about how grateful he is to Lorelai for helping out Rune. Sookie drops her flailing spoon and stares. Lorelai turns to her and repeats, "Thanks for helping out Rune." Sookie tells Jackson she was doing the Flailing Spoon Dance, and that he totally ignored it. Sookie and Jackson talk in Mamet sentence fragments for a bit and then Jackson excuses himself. Lorelai asks Sookie about the "thank-you jam." Sookie tells Lorelai that Rune recently lost his job. "Attitude problems?" Lorelai asks. Sookie says that it was something like that. Since he lost his job he can't pay rent; now he's stuck at Jackson's because he can't seem to make any money to get his own place. She says that if Rune gets enough money to get his own place, Sookie won't end up "stabbing him in the neck with a grapefruit spoon." "Wow," Lorelai says. "It's gonna happen," Sookie says. Lorelai can't believe that Sookie wants her to give Rune a job. Sookie says that it doesn't have to be an important job. Lorelai says that she was going to put him in charge of Legal. Sookie says she knows it's a lot to ask, but she can't think of anything else. Lorelai asks what Rune can do. Sookie says that she's pretty sure Rune can use some tools. Lorelai says that she couldn't pay him very much to be a handyman. Sookie mumbles that he could just work for room and board. "You want him to live here?" Lorelai asks, stunned. "No!" Sookie says. "Well, what about the old potting shed?" Lorelai whines that the old potting shed is where she and Rory lived when Rory was a baby; it has lots of memories in it and she doesn't want it Runed: "I don't want Boo Radley touching my rosebud wallpaper." Sookie says that the job is enough for him eventually to save up enough to move out. Pouting. Pouting. Lorelai says that Rune can move into the shed. Sookie tells Lorelai that she loves her. Lorelai says that the minute the guests start complaining or disappearing, he has to leave. Lorelai says that the jam is really good. Sookie knows.

Emily shows up (she drove herself?) to Rory's house. ["Didn't she drive herself in 'Rory's Dance'?" -- Wing Chun] Rory meets her at the car door. Emily takes a step and gets her heel stuck in the lawn. She asks whether Lorelai ever considered putting in a walkway. Rory says that Lorelai thinks about it every morning when she's running late for work. Rory pulls Emily out of the mud and toward the house.

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