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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Rachel tells Lorelai that Rory is one "really not annoying kid." Lorelai thanks her. Rachel says that she'd have a kid if she could be guaranteed she'd get one just like Rory. Lorelai says you can get them at Sears. She asks Rachel where that inn is, again. Rachel says it's behind the mill, adding that she's heading out that way in a little while, and that she can show Lorelai where it is. Luke walks back up and asks where they're going. Rachel puts on a fake innocent face and says that she and Lorelai are going to cruise the docks. Lorelai tells Rachel that she has to check in at the inn first; Rachel says she'll pick her up there. Rachel leaves.

Luke asks Lorelai what that was all about. Lorelai says that they're going to check out this old inn Rachel found. Luke looks like he ate something that didn't agree with him. Lorelai asks him what's wrong. He says he didn't imagine that Lorelai and Rachel would be friends. Lorelai says that they aren't really friends, adding that Rachel seems really great. Luke says that Rachel is really great, but that he just didn't think that they'd get along because they're so different from each other. "'Cause I'm not really great?" Lorelai teases. Luke stammers around that Lorelai is great, but in a different way. Luke says that they're both great people, and that he's just surprised that their "different types of greatness" are getting along. Lorelai asks whether this is bothering him. "This conversation, yes," Luke says. Lorelai asks whether it's a problem for him that she's seeing Rachel. "Why would it be?" Luke asks. Lorelai says that she can't think of a reason. Luke says then it's not weird. She asks Luke to pour her coffee. As she says she's glad it's not weird for him, Luke accidentally pours coffee all over the table.

Lorelai is talking to a group of Japanese businessmen as their translator translates over her. It goes on way too long as Lorelai winds her way down to Michel. She's about to tell the businessmen to ask Michel if they have any problems, but Michel drones a "no" before she gets a chance. Somehow they've hired my friend Jeff to be the other desk clerk in this scene and it's just strange. It can't be him, but it really looks like him. And he's a desk clerk right now in New York, so it's all very strange. Lorelai points at the new guy and pegs him as Roger. Roger now turns towards us and gives a smile. Jeff Long, is that you? How did you get on Gilmore Girls and you didn't tell me? Bastard. Lorelai stumbles back through the lobby without the tour group, pauses, hides her head behind her folder, and sighs off. The camera follows her gaze to Rune sitting on the couch. He checks a centerfold.

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