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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

I missed the opening credits.

Luke hands Lorelai and Rory their breakfasts. Lorelai complains that her eggs are on top of her pancakes. This makes the pancakes look like they have eyes, which is very bad news for Lorelai. Luke says that Lorelai orders the same thing every day. Lorelai says that the eggs are usually on the side, which doesn't bother her, but that with the egg eyes staring at her, she can't eat the food and has to send the plate back. Luke asks whether he has to make all new food for her, or if he can just move the eggs off to the side and bring them back to her. Lorelai says that she won't know which one he does, as long as he does it in the kitchen, away from her. Luke takes the plate and says he'll bring her a new one.

Lorelai asks Rory when Emily arrives. Rory says she'll be in Stars Hollow at noon. She asks again whether Lorelai wants to have lunch with them. Lorelai says she doesn't. Rachel walks over and tells Lorelai not to move from the table. Lorelai says she won't. Rory asks why Lorelai won't have lunch. Lorelai says that she has very important things to do. "Like what?" Rory asks. "Well, at noon I have to not have lunch with my mother," Lorelai starts. Rachel walks back to the table holding a stack of photographs. She says she developed her film from the Firelight Festival, and she's starting to think there's a book there, of small-town faces and places you don't want to visit. Rachel wants to show Lorelai the last shot on her roll. It's of Lorelai and Luke sitting on the bench, when they were talking about Rachel. Lorelai uncomfortably asks when Rachel took the picture. "When you weren't looking," Rachel smiles. I don't like or trust this girl. Luke walks up at this moment and asks what Lorelai is looking at. "It's a picture of us," Lorelai smiles, uncomfortably holding out the picture. "Us," Luke repeats, equally as uncomfortably. Rory tells Luke that Rachel took the picture. Rachel reminds Luke that it was at the festival. "Ah, sure. Yeah," Luke says, and then gives Lorelai some severe Manson Lamps. He hands her the plate of food. Rachel asks Lorelai whether she wears contacts. Lorelai says she doesn't, even though she already told us that she did. ["She did? I did a search on the site but I couldn't find an instance where she said so." -- Wing Chun] Rachel snips that Lorelai has amazing eyes, and asks Luke whether he thinks so. I really think this bitch is asking for trouble. She waltzes in here and then has the nerve to try to figure out just how interested Luke and Lorelai are in each other? Luke stammers that he guesses Lorelai has nice eyes; he says they're "placed good." Hee. I like Luke. Rachel already won here, so I don't see what she's trying to prove. Lorelai smiles, and Luke continues to stammer that Lorelai's eyes are "symmetrical." Rachel can clearly see Luke's love for Lorelai now, so she lets him walk away. Rory holds up a picture of an old house. Lorelai asks what it is. Rachel says that it's an old abandoned inn she ran across while she was taking pictures. Lorelai says that it's "Dragonfly" and that she "totally forgot" about this place. How do you forget an old house in a place as small as Stars Hollow? Rachel says it looks like it hasn't been used in years. Rory gets a page and says it's Lane. She excuses herself and says goodbye to Rachel.

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