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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

It's old movie night at the Black/White/Read Bookstore. Lorelai and Rory are sitting in the back waiting for the movie to start, discussing Emily's phone call earlier. Lorelai says that she once made Emily listen to a Prince song and she looked like she was having a stroke. Kirk sits down behind Lorelai and Rory and gives them a glare. Lorelai says she's figured out what's happening: Emily is trying to be Rory's pal. She wants to chat about boys with Rory and for them to paint each other's toenails. Kirk loudly clears his throat and Lorelai turns around. "Oh, hey, Kirk! You getting a cold?" she asks with concern; she offers some pharmaceutical advice and tells him not to drive a forklift while he's medicated. Rory giggles. Luke and Rachel walk into the room, holding hands. Rory wonders when was the last time Luke went to a movie. Lorelai says they probably cranked the projector by hand. "Do you mind?" Kirk asks. Lorelai turns around to tell him that the movie hasn't even started yet. Kirk says he likes silence before a movie starts to cleanse his "mental palate" and achieve calm before watching the motion picture. ["Kirk, is that you?" -- Wing Chun] "Oh, you got that out of a book," Lorelai flirts. She turns back around. Lorelai and Rory watch Luke snuggle into Rachel's forehead. Lorelai says that Luke looks happy. Rory agrees. Lorelai asks Rory whether Luke and Rachel look right together. Rory says they do. Lorelai says that Luke deserves it, adding that she did the right thing by butting in. Rory says that she butted in for all of the right reasons. The B-movie starts with all ten people in the audience captivated. Lorelai leans over to Rory and says that if Rachel turns out to be an evil fembot who murders Luke in his sleep, then Lorelai's not responsible. Rory says that Lorelai would only be responsible in an intergalactic court. Lorelai leans over to say that she thinks Rachel is really great, but Kirk leans in and says, "You are now officially disturbing not only me, but everyone else in this theater." It's a bookstore, Kirk. But yeah, you're right. But Lorelai always does this. Why would anyone see a movie if she's in the room? Lorelai turns back around and sits quietly as an obnoxious cell phone kicks off its crazy show-tune ring. It's Kirk's cell phone, and he excuses himself, most embarrassed. Lorelai is outraged, shouting at him to shush, acting appalled. Lorelai and Luke share a glance before he turns back around to the picture.

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