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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Lorelai stumbles down behind the counter at Luke's. He offers her some coffee. She thanks him, and says that the diner looks different from behind the counter. She apologizes for making him leave his apartment so quickly. Luke says he didn't want to interrupt "girl talk." She asks if he didn't like her being up there. "No big deal," he says, and then walks into the back.

Lorelai follows him to the storage room, where he starts unpacking boxes. He asks why she's back there, adding that his insurance only covers him, and that it's not safe for her to be there. She says he doesn't like her hanging out with Rachel. He says that she can hang out with anyone she wants. Lorelai says that's not what she was asking him. She then says that they are eight. Luke tells Lorelai not to get too attached to Rachel, since she usually leaves without saying goodbye. Lorelai says that people break habits. Luke says that's exactly what she's going to do. Lorelai asks whether it's possible that Rachel will leave Stars Hollow this time because she doesn't think he wants her to stay. Luke asks whether Rachel and Lorelai have been talking about him. Lorelai: "No. Yes." Luke says he doesn't mind their hanging out, but he doesn't want to be the topic of discussion. Lorelai says it's fun. They wear plaid and take turns not shaving. Lorelai asks whether he wants to know what she thinks about all of this. He says he doesn't. Lorelai asks whether he's sure. He says that if she's going to tell him anyway, she could at least help him unload boxes. Lorelai asks whether she may use the "fun cutter thingy." Luke says she can't use it if she's going to call it that. There is much discussion over the Exacto knife and the fun involved in cutting open boxes. Lorelai says she doesn't know exactly what Rachel thinks, but that she's pretty sure that Rachel's serious this time about staying in Stars Hollow. Luke says he bets that Rachel said she wants to put down roots and she realizes everything she has here and she's tired of being on the road. Lorelai says that's pretty close to what Rachel told her. Luke says he knows the speech by heart. Lorelai says she thinks she means it this time. Luke says Lorelai doesn't know Rachel like he does, and asks why she's taking Rachel's side. Lorelai says she isn't. Luke says she's practically pushing Rachel on him. Lorelai says she just wants Luke to be happy. Luke says that Lorelai doesn't know what makes him happy. Lorelai agrees that she doesn't, but says she knows that Luke has been "carrying a torch" for Rachel for a long time. He says that he hasn't. Lorelai says he wanted this to happen. Luke says she doesn't know what he wanted to happen. Then he breaks and says that he maybe wanted this to happen. Lorelai smiles and says he got what he wanted; he just has to take it. Rachel could be ready. He just has to believe her. She asks if there's some other reason he might not want to. Luke asks what that might be. Lorelai says she doesn't know. Luke sighs and says there's no other reason. Lorelai says that, then, there's no other reason. He says he'll think about it. She leaves. Luke sighs as we fade to black.

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