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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Man. It feels like it's been forever.

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Sookie tricked Lorelai into a blind double date with Rune (Jackson's cousin, played by Max Perlich). Lane found a nice Korean boy at a dance. Not only does he want to be a doctor, but she likes him. Now she's faced with a boy that her parents are going to approve of and it's driving her crazy. Rune earned the nickname "Loon" by acting repulsed at Lorelai's "freakish" height. Lorelai and Luke continued to flirt until Rachel showed back up, ruining everything. Rory tried to get Lane out of having to see Henry, the Korean dreamboy, but Lane's too doe-eyed to resist his charms. Rachel played nice-nice with Lorelai, but there's clearly some concern between the two of them. Lorelai asked Luke whether Rachel was staying. He said he didn't know. She asked whether he wanted Rachel to stay. He said again that he didn't know. Lorelai gave a tiny smile and sigh of relief.

It's Friday night again, and Richard's been pulled for May sweeps. Rory asks Emily whether she may have some baby pictures of her and Grampa. Emily asks why. Rory says it's for a school project. Emily says that she can do it if it's for school. Rory suspiciously looks at Lorelai and tells Emily that she'll need some of Lorelai as well. Lorelai says that there aren't any baby pictures of her. Rory says that she doesn't believe her. Emily says that she doesn't have any baby pictures of Lorelai. Except for the ones in that photo album they were all looking at a few weeks ago. ["Do you mean the one with the Richard and Emily wedding photos and the shot of Lorelai in her coming-out dress? To be fair, in those scenes, they didn't show any baby pictures." -- Wing Chun] Emily says that Lorelai burned all of her own baby pictures when she was seven. Rory asks Lorelai why she'd do such a thing. Emily says that Lorelai was a very cute baby. Lorelai glares at Emily and counts backwards from four. "In most respects," Emily finishes on cue. Rory asks what Emily means. Lorelai says that it's nothing. Emily says that Lorelai "grew into it" eventually. Rory asks what Lorelai grew into. Emily explains that Lorelai had "an unusually large head." Lorelai says that the best thing about it was that Emily would tell her that constantly: "My first complete sentence was 'Big head want dolly.'" Rory smiles and says she can't imagine it. Emily says that it was no big deal, but that it affected Lorelai's balance a little. Lorelai asks to change the subject. Rory immediately asks Emily whether the chairs are new. Emily says that they are. Lorelai says they look exactly like the old ones. Rory says that they are nice. Lorelai asks if Emily's sure that they are new. Emily says she's sure; she bought them. Lorelai and Emily bicker back and forth about whether these new chairs are different from the old ones. Emily says that these chairs are very rare, and that she spent three years combing every antique store on the east coast looking for them. Emily complains about a woman named Peg Bosley. Emily made the mistake of telling Peg what she was looking for, and Peg swooped in and bought everything Emily wanted. Emily says that she's desperate for new sources. Rory asks Emily about Kim's Antiques. Lorelai stops all chewing. Emily asks what Kim's Antiques is. Lorelai: "Didn't that burn down?" Rory explains that the store belongs to her friend Lane's mom, and that it's in Stars Hollow. Emily asks Lorelai why she's never told her about it. Lorelai suggests that it got lost inside her giant head. Rory says that she can take Emily there on Saturday and show her the town. Lorelai says that she can't go. Emily says that she wasn't asking Lorelai to go, and that it's something she's doing with Rory. Emily tells Rory she'd love to spend Saturday with her. It's settled. Lorelai apologizes and says she's going to miss it. "Eat your artichoke, Lorelai" is Emily's only reply.

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