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Lorelai gets a guarded but dreamy look on her face as she glances over the pictures: "Well, I think it's a beautiful house." Emily nods. "So do I," she says. Lorelai: "You already have a beautiful house, Mom." Emily: "Oh, I know. This house is not for me. It's for you." Lorelai's face goes through about nine hundred emotions, as Emily talks about how the house is for her and Luke. Emily says that she thinks Lorelai's house is very nice and knows she's put a lot of work into it, but really, it's too small for both her and Luke, especially if they have children. "If you have children," she's quick to add, making sure (for once) there is no pressure. Emily says that there's a fishing pond for Luke and stables, because she knows Lorelai's always wanted horses. Lorelai just listens, rapt, as Emily continues to discuss the house's many benefits and charms. "I know you're not going to let me give you a wedding," Emily says, "so I thought a house would do." Poor Lorelai. She looks so sad as she realizes the size of this gesture Emily is making. Tears well in her face as Emily lays out her plan of how they will convince Luke to accept the house. Finally, Lorelai breaks down. "It's not gonna happen," she says. "Luke and I. The wedding. It's not gonna happen." Seeing her daughter cry, Emily makes an even larger gesture. Instead of going on a tirade, she comes to Lorelai and puts her hand on her shoulder.

In the town square, Sookie and Jackson lug the huge bags through the park, trying not to draw attention to themselves. "Jackson!" Sookie says, breathless. "Stop trotting!" They fight over the best way to go about their plan, until a car drives by. "Narcs!" Sookie says, and they take off again. "What the hell are the Petersons doing out this late?" she says. "They're bad," Jackson gasps. "They're bad people." Sookie: "Said the people trying to ditch a kilo of weed! Pickles! Pickles!" They take off again and immediately run into the Troubadour. He tells them that a tour manager heard him sing and wants him to open for Neil Young at a bunch of east coast dates. "Great," Sookie and Jackson say. "See ya." They run again, and Sookie wonders aloud that if Neil tokes, they could give all the grass to the Troubadour to take on the tour. "I think if Neil tokes," Jackson says, "he's already got a connection." They're still moving when they run into Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Behrens. They get nervous, especially when the two holy men mention that their evening walks are a great time to talk about God. "Yes," Jackson says, "it's a great time to talk about God." Sookie: "He's a good guy, that God." The preacher and the rabbi ask whether they'd like to join the walk. "NO!" they shout, and start off again. "We're going to hell!" Sookie says. Jackson: "Just keep running!"

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