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Back at Luke's, Liz has brought her women's therapy group over to the diner to meet. One of them complains about her crappy husband's crappy job that won't even pay for them to go to Dollywood sometimes. Hee. Man, even I have never been to Dollywood and I both live fairly near it and absolutely worship Dolly Parton. Why would anyone in Connecticut ever go there? I don't care, it's hilarious. Liz halfheartedly tries to commiserate. "Yeah, that's not good," she says, "not going to's...rude." Luke comes in and asks what's going on. "They're the support group of single moms I hooked up with," she says, cringing. "They're horrible! All they do is bitch, bitch, bitch. I'd have left every one of them, too!" Luke tells her to listen to him. He tells her she's going to be a great mom, that Jess turned out fine and is now doing great, and that she's going to do great with the next one. "I'm scared," Liz admits. Luke says that she's got help, though. T.J. is a good man and will be a great dad, if she lets him. "If he'll forgive me," she says. Luke points outside, where the doofus waits, jacketless, and Liz runs to him. "Oh, yeah," Dollywood says. "He looks like a real winner." The other women nod bitterly, as Luke comes over to the table. "Say," he says, "can I get you ladies anything? Compassion? Perspective?" Hilarious, but uh...Luke could use about two steaming bowlfuls of both of those himself, plus some freeze-dried packages of it for later.

Lorelai pulls up in front of an office building and turns, exasperated by Emily in the back seat complaining about spending the last hour and a half watching her mother get a manicure. Emily says that it was her standing appointment and she couldn't miss it. "Yes," Lorelai says, "except I was the one standing, because there weren't enough seats." Emily says that if she had missed the appointment it would have been weeks before she could make another (which is the opposite of what "standing appointment" means) and she'd be walking around with "hobo hands." She tells Lorelai to stop being so surly and that this is the last stop. When Lorelai protests about the distance they've driven that day, Emily gets even snappier: "Well, I'm sorry, Lorelai. Next time I have some sort of illness, you can put me on an iceberg and float me out to sea."

Lorelai doesn't understand why Emily wants her to come into this random real-estate office with her, but Emily shirks all discussion by telling her to come on, stepping out of the car. Lorelai acts like a moody teenager the whole time, complaining all the way and being a jerk in front of the real-estate lady. Emily tells the lady that Lorelai has headaches that tend to make her babble, and then the realtor offers her some aspirin. "Oh, no thanks. I'm okay," Lorelai says. "I've had the headache for thirty-eight years." Emily interrupts and tells the realtor that they're anxious to see "the pictures." Lorelai is still badgering her mother, asking repeatedly what this is all about, when the realtor leads them to presentation in the back. The realtor stands in front of a series of pictures of a gorgeous house, talking about how the owner will likely throw in any furniture or appliances with the home, and how this is only the second time the house has been on the market in a hundred years. Lorelai is so over it, not understanding what they are doing there, or why Emily is looking at houses. The house is large and roomy with a library and a fishing pond and stables for horses. Emily agrees that it's a very special property. Finally, Lorelai breaks and asks why Emily is looking at this house. Mrs. G asks the realtor to excuse them and asks Lorelai what she thinks of the house. Lorelai shrugs, saying it's fine, but not at all Emily's type of house. Emily says that doesn't matter; she wants to know what Lorelai really thinks of it.

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