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Much honking is heard, as Lorelai weaves nervously down the road in the big truck. "I'm not used to driving a missile silo down the street," she says to her mother's great annoyance. They're both annoyed, actually -- Lorelai's been driving her mother around all day, and now Emily won't even tell her where they're going for this last errand. They snipe at each other, until Emily asks whether Lorelai's talked to Christopher lately. Lorelai says no, as Emily begins waxing fond on how handsome Christopher is, and how great his hair looks and blah blah blah. Lorelai tries to blow it off, but Emily won't give up the subject. As a matter of fact, Emily says, she's been trying to think of a nice girl to set him up with. So insane. I could never see Emily telling anyone that she's setting up the man who knocked up and then abandoned her daughter. I'm sure all the DAR ladies will think that's a great idea. Emily throws out a few suggestions that she's been thinking over, and Lorelai snittily shoots them all down, saying that they're either too stupid, not Christopher's type, or have no sense of humor. She seems very jealous, or perhaps just annoyed by Emily's classic interference, and concludes that Christopher does not need Emily messing around in his love life. Emily tsks and says that Rory thinks Chris is lonely, too. When a fellow motorist dares to honk at her, this time Lorelai is not so skittish. "I'm in a tank, pal," she says, honking again to show her supreme irritation. "Come and get me."

Back at the Yale paper, Rory has the WSJ reporter, Kimberly, on the line (and this woman must be like, the editor-in-chief of the galaxy or something, because she has an office rather than a desk in a crowded writers room) and tells her that she's calling to request a correction. "Of what?" the writer asks. Rory answers, squinching her nose, "Of everything that Mitchum said about me." Kimberly pulls up the piece. "He didn't say much about you," she says. Rory says that he may not have used many words but he said a lot. Kimberly reads back the quote, which is about Mitchum giving Rory an internship and her going on to be the editor of the Yale Daily News. "What part of that is wrong?" Kimberly asks. "None of it," Rory says, "technically. But essentially, it's all a lie." Rory says that the impression that Mitchum gave Rory her start is not true. "Here's our thing," Kimberly says. "We can't print corrections to impressions. That would be chaos." Rory tries a few more tacks, but can make no headway. "It's just gonna bug me forever," she says, "that he put this out there." The reporter tells her that's just the way it is, and Rory sighs: "You're right. I guess it's going to be in people's recycling bins by tonight and totally forgotten by tomorrow, right?" Kimberly says that, actually, she hopes that the things she works on won't be that disposable. Embarrassed, Rory backtracks, trying to form a collegial bond, but finally has to hang up.

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