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Rory asks Lorelai where her sudden over-interest in her daughter's safe sex life is coming from, and Lorelai slowly admits that she thinks she might be pregnant. "Oh," says Rory. Lorelai says that this could have been avoided if only Emily'd had the protection talk with her, or even Miss Driscoll, who spent every PTA meeting talking about golf instead of safe sex. I have to think that a safe sex talk from Emily would be more damaging than it would be helpful. And that the rest of the PTA preferred Miss Driscoll's golf chat to her safe sex lecture. Rory stupidly asks for the details, and Lorelai says that she and Luke got drunk at the party and then came home and had sex with "all roadblocks down." This is unusual for her, Lorelai says, as the last time she had "all roadblocks down" was when Rory was conceived. Surprisingly, Rory doesn't have the "MOM! EW! GROSS!" reaction that most daughters would have if their mother started discussing her sex life, but lends a sympathetic ear and says that just because Lorelai had unprotected sex doesn't automatically mean she's pregnant. It does if you're on 7th Heaven! Lorelai says she ate an apple today. And she liked it. Rory says that's not a good sign, but maybe Lorelai's body just wants her to have the government's recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables. And, Rory adds, if worse comes to worst, Lorelai is having a baby with Luke! Silence. "It is Luke?" asks Rory, as disturbing images of half-sibling that looks like Kirk or Taylor flash through her head. Lorelai says it's definitely Luke. But she doesn't want to be a mother again -- at least not now. This is the first time in her life when she's been able to be a "single, grown-up woman," and she wants to enjoy it. Interesting that Lorelai considers herself to be single. Rory says Lorelai may very well not be pregnant, but asks what Lorelai will do if she is. Lorelai doesn't have an answer for that.

Rory's back at the internship. She sets up for a meeting. Mitch walks in, one minute earlier than his usual ten-minutes-early meeting arrival time, and says that the room could use some plants. Rory eagerly says she will get some plants. Then her cell phone rings, which I would think is a pretty embarrassing thing to have happen in front of your boss, but Mitch doesn't seem to mind. He tells her to feel free to go out in the hallway and chat on the phone while they're waiting for the meeting to start.

It's Lorelai, and Sookie has finally given birth. I say "finally" because we know that the baby shower was on Thursday and that Rory's internship is every Monday. So poor Sookie was in labor for like four and a half DAYS. It's a girl, and the fact that her name will either be Glenda or Martha might explain her extreme reluctance to enter the world. Rory is very happy about it all, especially now that the giving-birth process that horrified her so much is done. She asks about Lorelai's possible pregnancy, and Lorelai reports that it was a "false alarm." Oh. Okay. I'm surprised that a possibly huge plot like that would be brushed aside only a few minutes after it was introduced, but whatever. Rory and Lorelai are both relieved, and Lorelai says she has gone back to her junk-food-eating ways. The apple craving much have been a fluke. Lorelai says that they can still have a baby shower for Sookie, although this will be more of a "welcome to the world, new baby" party. Rory says she still has those crappy decorations, and Lorelai tells her to bring them with her to dinner tonight. Ah, so, it's actually Friday, not Monday, and Sookie didn't spend her entire weekend in painful labor after all. Rory's got some crazy hours at that internship, though. She must have scored one of those sweet class schedules where she has both Mondays and Fridays off. But how did Lorelai find out so quickly she wasn't pregnant? Was there a machine after all? I guess she got her period, like, that night, but that would be a huge coincidence. I'm so confused. Lorelai says that she never told Luke about their possible bundle of accidental joy in the fifteen minutes she would have had to discuss it with him between thinking she was pregnant and realizing she wasn't. Rory says she's got to go to the meeting now, and Lorelai happily says she'll see her "one and only offspring" later tonight.

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