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Luke marches into Taylor's silly ice cream parlor and demands to speak to the "town elders." No, really. It seems that Stars Hollow has a group of "town elders" who oversee its assets and make decisions about things like whom to sell the Twickham house to, because we now live in a silly fairy-tale land. I'm sorry, but no town, no matter how quirky, is going to leave its most important financial decisions to a group of unelected old people. Especially because, if they're anything like the senior voting public from the small Connecticut town I grew up in, they'd just demand an addition to the senior center and cut the public school's budget. Why should their precious tax dollars go to schools they don't use anymore? Taylor says there's no way the town elders will agree to see Luke. Luke says he will see them, and that's final. He glares at Taylor as he leaves the shop.

Sookie, accompanied by Lorelai and Jackson, is wheeled into a delivery room by a nurse. She's lucky. In high school, I was a volunteer at a hospital, and one of my jobs was to bring women to the delivery rooms. I would wheel them to Labor and Delivery, and some cranky nurse would tell me which room to put them in, and then I'd take them there. Most of the time, the lights were off in the room, and I didn't feel comfortable pressing any buttons on any hospital wall, for fear that they would, like, turn off someone's life support or something. So I made them get out of the wheelchair, because I had to take that back with me, and stumble around this dark room until they found a place to sit. And then I'd leave them there, in this small, dark, room, all alone. I would tell them that a nurse would be coming in shortly to check on them, but that probably wasn't true. For all I know, they single-handedly gave birth to their children in the dark with only a cheap plastic chair for company. Anyway, Sookie's room is nice and bright, and she settles into her big bed. She thought she saw Andy Dick in the hallway, but Jackson says that Sookie always thinks she sees famous people when she goes into labor. Sure, but on the other hand, I wouldn't put it past Andy Dick to be wandering around the labor ward of a random Connecticut hospital. Jackson and Lorelai help tuck Sookie in as Jackson rattles off a list of baby names. He likes Ethan, Rupert, Glenda, or Martha. He has very weird taste in baby names. Jackson takes off to call work, and Lorelai whips out an apple she bought at a vending machine. Oh, Lorelai; apples aren't supposed to come from vending machines! Sookie is surprised; apparently Lorelai never eats fresh fruit, and the apple resembles Ben Stiller. Lorelai thinks for a second, and then asks Sookie when she knew "for sure" she was pregnant. Sookie asks Lorelai if she remembers that episode earlier this season. Seeing as how the writers of this show can't bring themselves to remember the finer details of Emily and Lorelai's relationship from one episode to the next, I hardly expect Lorelai to remember anything that happened almost eight months ago. Lorelai asks Sookie how long it was between the conception and when she knew she was pregnant. Sookie says it was probably a few weeks, and points out that Lorelai already has this experience under her belt, so what's with all the questions? Lorelai says that being in a maternity ward makes her think of being pregnant, of which she has no concept despite having given birth once and being in her mid- to late thirties. A nurse comes in to check how "far along" Sookie is, and somewhere outside New Haven, Rory screams in horror. Lorelai leaves to give Sookie some privacy.

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