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We Blame Daniel Palladino

Lorelai and Luke head home from the party. The magazine hired a limo to transport them, and they took advantage of the designated driver to get wasted at the party. Luke rants about the evils of the Big City for a while, saying they should just push all of Manhattan over to Europe. Lorelai says that's fine, as long as they do it after she sees Spamalot!, because she paid a lot for those tickets. She also says she loves "Ranting!Luke," if not, apparently, Normal!Luke. I'm just glad he bothered to shave for the occasion, although he's still got some stubble. Either he still hasn't mastered the Schick Quattro, or Luke's got some fast-growing facial hair. Lorelai and Luke talk about how they drank during the party, but ate nothing. "I haven't been drunk in years," says Luke. That, of course, is not true. Luke rubs Lorelai's leg, and then they make out. It's about time they acted like a real couple. Weird that this huge party was on a Monday night, though.

The next morning, Lorelai and Luke are naked in bed. Together. Lorelai wakes up, sees Luke, and totally makes a "I got drunk last night and slept with WHAT?" face. The Walk/Stagger of Shame she does away from the bed adds to the effect. We'll find out soon enough that Lorelai's horror was about something else, but on first viewing, this scene really makes it looks like Lorelai hates her boyfriend.

After the commercial, it's a few days later and a now-fully-clothed Lorelai makes her way outside to meet Rory, who is arriving with the surprise baby shower stuff. She bought the decorations from the grocery store, which has a limited selection of party supplies. Sookie will have to make do with cups and plates let over from Easter and balloons featuring the Happy New Year baby. Rory says they can just change "year" to "baby" and it will totally work. That is one ghetto baby shower. Rory and Lorelai are about to enter the house when Jackson and Sookie run out, on their way to the hospital. "It's comin' 'round the mountain!" Sookie says. Rory freaks out and runs away to get Sookie's suitcases so that she won't have to see anything. Sookie and Jackson get into the car, and Rory keeps her eyes closed and says her goodbyes. "I have to go back to Yale," she says. She just loves throwing that Ivy League name around, doesn't she? Lorelai says that Rory's haste to leave is probably more due to her being "thoroughly sickened by what's happening to [Sookie] right now" than it is her needing study time. Sookie says she's having a contraction. Rory winces. Oh my god, Rory, it's not like that baby is going to come flying out of Sookie and you're going get hit in the face with the placenta or anything. Actually, I wouldn't put that past Daniel Palladino, so maybe Rory has every right to be scared. Jackson and Sookie drive away. Rory says she won't open her eyes or go back to her car until she's given them a five-minute head start, since they're taking the same road. "Good thinking, honey," says Lorelai.

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