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The next morning or so, Kirk calls Luke over to quibble about the price of toast. Luke raised his price ten cents. Kirk tries every angle to get out of paying the extra dime, saying that he should get a break for not using butter or jelly and for reducing the wear and tear on diner seats because he doesn't squirm very much. Eventually, Luke just agrees to let Kirk pay only an extra five cents so that he can get Kirk out of his baseball-cap-covered hair. Lorelai comes in and shows Luke the advance copy of that troublesome American Travel magazine, in which the Dragonfly is a cover story. Luke is very excited about it, saying he'll have to get a new pair of pants for the party the magazine is apparently throwing in Lorelai's honor after they published her slanderous accounts of her mother, then agreed to pull the article, then went ahead and published it anyway. Lorelai gives Luke his very own copy of the magazine, which he says he'll frame. He asks Lorelai what it says. "It was then, sadly, that I discovered Luke could not read," says Lorelai. Just about everything that comes out of her mouth cracks me up. Lorelai gets serious and says that she "nearly cried" when she read the article, both in happiness about the things it said about the Inn, and fright about the things it said about Emily. Lorelai predicts that Emily will be sending men after Lorelai. Men armed with tire irons.

The phone rings, and Cesar answers it and tells Luke it's Taylor. Lorelai tells Cesar that he just broke Luke's "tell Taylor I'm out if he calls even if he can see me through the window" rule, but Luke says he actually needs to talk to Taylor about something, and takes the call. Taylor tells Luke that the Twickham house is nearly his. Luke doesn't say much in response, since Lorelai's there and I have the feeling that Luke is buying this house for the family he intends to start with his other girlfriend -- the one he allows to touch him in public. Luke gets off the phone with Taylor just in time to hear Kirk's complaint that the sales tax on his check is a penny off. Luke asks Lorelai where Emily got her tire-iron men. "The D.A.R.," says Lorelai. Duh.

Rory has gone from goofy incompetent child worker to SuperIntern since we left her last week. She breezes through the office, passing out various folders and files and being totally on top of everything. Richie Rich finds her, and speed-walks to keep up with her fast pace. His walk is pretty doofy as it is, and the sped-up version looks even sillier. Rory hands a file to Frogceptionist, who reports that she isn't on speaking terms with Tech Guy Patel. Normally, I'd be interested in co-worker animosity, but I'm kind of pissed that Frogceptionist has been in both this week and last week's episodes while Michel was absent from both. Richie and Rory make their way to Rory's cubicle, and she points out that she has made an attempt to "customize" the space with a picture of Brian Eno. Wouldn't have been my first choice to create a comfortable office environment, but Rory is kind of weird. Richie asks Rory to cut out of work early, but she says no way. Mitch comes around and says hello to Richie, who introduces himself as "Jose Canseco, post-steroids. Should be a warning to people." If the side effect of shrinking testicles and horrific body acne doesn't serve as enough of one, I doubt looking like Richie Rich is going to do it. Mitch takes off for the fourth floor, and Richie asks if his dad has been treating Rory right. Rory says he absolutely has, because she hasn't read the rest of this episode's script yet. Richie reminds Rory of their Friday plans to attend Honor's engagement party, asking her to try to duck out of Friday Night Dinner early so that he can have more time with her. He sweetly says he misses her. Aw. Rory says that once the internship is done, she'll have lots more time for Richie -- unless she gets the summer job at the paper. Richie says she's a shoo-in. OR IS SHE?

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