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We Blame Daniel Palladino

Back at the dinner, Lorelai is trying to explain her Emily-Is-Stalin magazine-article jokes to Mikhail. She never meant for them to actually be in the article, and she sure as hell didn't intend for someone whose entire family and village were destroyed by the man to read it. Emily says that Lorelai has an "off-putting" sense of humor. Lorelai agrees, and begs Mikhail to stay: "You've just caught us on a bad day." Actually, I'd say this was a pretty good day. An unusually, uncharacteristically good day. Last week, Emily couldn't be bothered to remember her daughter's drink of choice, but this week, she forgives her for saying really awful things about her in a national publication. Bizarre.

Just as Mikhail agrees to stay, Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's Rory, and she sounds sad. "You need to come and get me," she says. "Where are you?" asks Lorelai. We'll find out next week!

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