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Rory, Lorelai, and Emily enjoy what appears to be the dessert portion of Friday Night Dinner. And they're all getting along quite well, which is surprising, given Emily's total and complete contempt for Lorelai just last week. I guess a lot of uncharacteristic making up and apologizing happened off-camera. I'm glad for it, nonsensical as it is, because I finally get to see the Emily I was expecting. The three Gilmore Girls enjoy chocolate fondue, although Lorelai and Rory refuse to dip anything but marshmallows. Lorelai's refusal to eat fruit WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER. Emily asks Rory and Lorelai's opinion on her latest charitable venture: the Hartford Ballet has asked "select patrons" to sponsor individual dancers, and Emily doesn't know which dancer to buy. Lorelai questions the legality of this, while Rory asks Emily what sex she prefers. Emily wants a cute little girl, although Lorelai points out that not all the female dancers are cute, showing off a picture of one who needs a trip to the dermatologist. But really, who doesn't need a trip to the dermatologist? It's important for everyone to have regular checkups, especially if you have suspect moles. Skin cancer affects both the young and old! And hereth end my PSA. Lorelai tells Emily that this is creepy. Emily says it's nice, because they're "endowing" dancers. That sets Lorelai right up to say that dancer Gregorio looks "pretty well-endowed already" as she hands the picture off to Rory. Rory takes the picture as she hands Emily a picture of a "cutie patootie," because Rory wants to be Rosie O'Donnell now. Rosie O'Donnell would step on Rory if they were ever to meet, I think. Rory checks out Gregorio, asking "what's up with that" -- "that" being Gregorio's enormous package. Emily steers the conversation away from such blue topics and says that they should make two piles -- one for "maybe"s and one for "no"s. "Sandpaper Face is a no?" asks Lorelai. "Definitely," says Emily, with the best delivery ever. "What about Endowment Boy?" asks Rory. Emily pauses, and then quickly says "the 'maybe's." "You go, Grandma," says Rory. Hee.

After the opening credits -- where we once again get our only glimpse of certain cast members this week -- Rory and Lorelai are outside, transferring boxes and bags from one car to the other. It looks like Rory is gradually moving her stuff back to Stars Hollow in anticipation of her summer break; she'd rather do it this way than rent a U-Haul, since Lorelai doesn't have a very good track record with them. Or with most things, it seems. Rory and Lorelai then "finalize" their plans for Thursday, giving them a good excuse to tell us that they're throwing a surprise baby shower for Sookie during her regular midday napping period. Rory makes a remark about how lucky Sookie is to be able to nap and not feel guilty about it, like, what does Rory do in college? I know I spent a goodly part of it either napping or planning my next nap. Lorelai says that they were really smart to wait so long to throw Sookie a baby shower, since she'll be totally surprised. Rory points out that waiting a long time wasn't part of a plan so much as it was because they totally forgot. Lorelai is a good friend. The girls kiss goodbye and walk to their respective cars, at which point Rory realizes that Lorelai has accidentally packed her purse away for a third time.

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