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Back In The Saddle Again

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Back In The Saddle Again

Previously: Jess paid to put his hand in Rory's basket right in front of CuteDean. Richard was getting "phased-out" at work. Rory kicks Jess out of her house right before CuteDean shows up since she lied to her boyfriend about her company. But she got caught. CuteDean asks Lorelai if Rory would lie to him. Richard retires. Lorelai tells CuteDean that Rory wouldn't lie. We see them see Rory flirt with Jess -- something we've been seeing for too long.

Hey, it's finally Friday! Lorelai and Rory stare longingly at the plates of food, but Emily isn't letting them have one bite. Richard isn't at the table yet, and they've never started a meal without him unless he was sick or out of town. He's neither, so they're going to wait. Lorelai complains that they're starving, the food is getting cold, and they've already been waiting forever. Lorelai says they've been waiting for so long that Godot already came by, grabbed a roll, and hitched a ride out of there. Turns out Richard bought an antique car "a couple of horrible weeks" ago and he's been repairing it. Emily catches Lorelai trying to sneak a mint from her purse. Lorelai spits it out and says eatin' ain't cheatin' if it's from her own private stash. She reminds Emily that she's bound by the rules of the Geneva Convention just like everyone else.

Richard walks in at this point wearing a firesuit, and Lorelai jokes that she didn't know it was Casual Friday. Richard asks why they haven't started eating. Emily says they weren't going to start without him since he was supposed to be almost done. Richard says he was, but then the car started squirting something green at him so he stayed. He tells them to start eating. Lorelai proceeds to try to dig in, but Emily stops her again. "Gomer said!" Lorelai shouts. Emily says she hasn't started a dinner without him in ten years. She shouts to Elsa to take all the food away and keep it warm. Hey, they've had Elsa before, haven't they? Has Emily finally managed to keep one servant around? Emily tells Richard to clean up, change, and come down to the table so they can eat. Richard says he'll be right back. Lorelai, holding a bite of food on a fork, rants to Richard that he'd better be really right back, so right back that he's changing while climbing the stairs. Very fast shower. "No excessive posing!" Rory pouts. Elsa takes the fork out of Lorelai's hand.

I'd like to take this opening credits moment to pimp the Edward Herrmann movie The Cat's Meow. He's just great in it. And it has my imaginary boyfriend Eddie Izzard in it. Hands off, ladies and gents. In my Stars Hollow world my love triangle is between CuteDean and a stand-up transvestite. It could happen.

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